Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Benefits of a Newborn Stash of Cloth Diapers

Confession: I did not cloth diaper my baby from birth. When I first started cloth diapering my son was about 2 months old. Since I had never cloth diapered before and never had a baby before, I wanted to ease into it. Being a new mom comes with a lot of new challenges and cloth diapering was not one of them in my mind. After I got the hang of motherhood I dove into cloth diapers while holding nothing back! Then I said to myself “this is so easy, I should have started it earlier.” From that point forward, I made the commitment to use cloth diapers from birth with my next baby. Thanks to a couple of experienced newborn cloth diapering mama’s I have compiled a list of the benefits of a Newborn Stash

It saves money. While cloth diapering in general saves a ton of money, it is even more so when the baby is using 12-15 diapers a day! Making a small investment in a few diapers can save you a lot of money in the long run, especially if you have multiple babies

The just fit better. Newborn cloth diapers are sized especially for little babies from 5 to 12 lbs. This provides for a more precise and snug fit, hence leading to less leaks and blowouts.

Perfect for sensitive newborn skin. Newborn babies have very sensitive skin. Often times the smallest irritants can cause a painful rash. Newborn cloth diapers do not contain any chemicals like disposables and help to keep your baby redness free.

High resale value because of the limited usage. Because newborn cloth diapers are only used for a small weight range and thus a short period of time, their resale value is excellent. You can expect to get back between 50-70% of what you paid for the diapers. This in essence saves you even more money!

No need to make midnight runs to grab more diapers. The worst part about using disposables is having to run to the store because you forgot to grab more diapers or you used way more than you thought you would use. Newborn cloth diapers solve this problem and leave one less thing for you to think about. Wouldn’t you rather run down to the washer than out to the store at midnight?

Easier to determine how many wet diapers baby has. In the beginning it is very important, especially when breastfeeding to make sure that your baby is getting enough to eat. A good way to track this is by counting the number of wet diapers. In disposables, often times the chemicals absorb so much that you can’t tell how much pee the baby actually went, but in cloth diapers, you do not have this problem. Cloth diapers do not have any chemicals to absorb the urine. The baby simply wets the diaper and you can feel how much they went.

So have I convinced you to try cloth diapering with your newborn yet? I know that making the decision to cloth diaper your baby at any age has its challenges, but to me, and a lot of other mama’s these benefits outweigh the challenges. So if you are thinking about doing cloth diapers on your upcoming baby remember the benefits and give it a try! What do you have to lose?

Contributed by: Julie

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