Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Challenges of Cloth Diapering a Toddler

When I initially started cloth diapering my son I figured everything would be fine and dandy. I mean just stuff the diaper, put it on your baby, rinse and wash and do it all over again. Much to my surprise as your “baby” gets older things tend to change some for the best and some not so much.

1.  Poop – As your baby grows so do their poops I was not able to breastfeed my son so I cant say much on breast milk. What I will say is that formula milk when he was little was not bad at all. Now that he is older and eats solid food, its like “dude what did you have to eat?” His poop changes everyday some days its those ones that your like “ahh really” then it’s the pebbles kind. Which if it’s the pebbles its awesome because I just toss them in the toilet but if its those sticky ones. That’s where my awesome DIY diaper sprayer made by my husband comes in handy. A sprayer will become your best friend. Also if you don’t have a diaper sprayer disposable liners is another alternative.

2.  Heavy Wetter – Say what?? You mean you need to stuff more into the pocket?? I thought that the one or two inserts that cloth diapers come with when purchased was all you need. Wrong! As my son has gotten older he is drinking more fluids, and wetting his diaper more frequently.  I get that, I just didn’t know that I would have to stuff his diapers more. Even just during the day I have to add the regular size inserts plus a doublers, when before I got away with just the regular insert. Not to mention for night time diaper I have to stuff that baby up. My son ends up having a really fluffy butt J Sometimes but It works and sometimes I doesn’t so it’s a trial and error try different options even fitted diapers sometimes seem to be your best bet.

These are the two challenges I have been faced with while cloth diapering my mini toddler. Again this is all learning processes so don’t give up just find a solution and then just stick to it. It’s easy peasy !

What challenges do you face with cloth diapering a toddler? 

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