Friday, April 1, 2016

Smarti Pants Newborn Diapers

I'm here today to focus on the other side of Smarti Pants, with their "Little Smarti" diapers. These are newborn cloth diapers that fit from 5-12 lbs, have elastic at the legs and back to contain messes, and is a complete all-in-one with an enclosed microfiber pad offering great absorbency.
Most One Size diapers start at 7lbs and I know that one size may not fit right away for people that have smaller or petite children. 

HOWEVER, these newborn diapers retail for $3 MORE than the One Size diaper Smarti Pants also sells. If you're willing to buy, you can always save for future children or sell after baby outgrows for part of your money back. 

I will add that Smarti Pants offers bundle packages so you can buy one diaper for $17.95 or a three pack for $49.95. They come in pink, blue, or white.

Courtesy of Michelle @ Mama's Baby Cupcakes