Monday, October 12, 2015

Cloth Drying Alternatives for Cool Weather

No matter how simple or complicated our wash routines may be, there is one thing that most cloth diapering parents can agree on when it comes to laundry--- line drying is the best way to dry! For starters, it covers both primary reasons most of us choose to use uses less energy making it eco-friendly AND better on the budget. Beyond that, the sun is also a great natural stain remover and line drying is gentler which keeps our diapers in better shape longer. It seems like a no brainer, doesn't it?

But then comes the cool weather!

The good news is that there are many great solutions that allow us to hang dry inside, no matter the weather outside! Take a look:

  • Clothes Drying Rack. Perhaps the easiest, most classic solution at all. These can be found for anywhere from $10-$15+ and can come in handy for drying needs long beyond the cloth years. Place in front of fan or fireplace/heat for faster drying.
  • Ikea Octopus Hanger. A clothes drying rack might seem like the ideal for most, but if you're limited on space may not be the best solution. We personally use a wonderful hanging rack from Ikea that is perfect for diapers! It will hang anywhere, takes up little space and quite honestly, is absolutely adorable! We even take this along when we travel! Once the diapering days are over, this would still come in handy for hanging delicates...or for drying kids crafts!
  • Repurpose Pants Hangers. Do you know those store clothes hangers that pants come on? I have found that these work great to hand diapers to dry. Depending on your diapers (how thick they are and how long it takes to try), you can hang two together on each side! 
  • Use What You Have. Are drying racks and fancy hangers not in your budget? No need to worry, just toss them over your shower curtain need to buy anything additional, use what you already have. Other options could be hanging in your laundry room, curtain rod...whatever works. (I don't suggest this method when expecting company, but hey...what a conversation starter!)
  • When all else fails, use the dryer! Honestly, yes, hang drying may be better for your diapers, but drying in the machine isn't going to kill them. Use the lowest heat setting/most delicate cycle and they'll be just fine! (We actually always dry our inserts and just hang the covers. If you use pockets or all in twos this is a great time saving option as well!)

Do you continue to hang dry diapers in the colder months? What tricks have you found?