Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cloth Diapering While On Vacation

Cloth Diapering While on Vacation

I have been dying to write about cloth diapering while you are on vacation because I know this is one thing that I do get a lot of questions about.  I always cloth diaper on trips.  I am pretty much anti disposable diapers for any reason, so I had to figure out this one thing so that I could continue to travel as much as I do.  

I travel an awful lot because I live in Virginia while my family lives in either New York or Florida (which is a 12 hour drive either way).  So, I started out using pocket diapers for trips.  That didn't work out too well for me, so then I started using fitted diapers and that worked great!  Basically, you want a diaper that works for your child overnight for the car trips (but that doesn't mean to leave your child in a diaper for hours just because it is more absorbent).  So, when you are packing your bags, remember that for the car trip.

Another thing that might be useful is more than one wet bag for the trip.  I actually bring 5 with me because I don't bring my pail liner.  I bring enough diapers for three days and make sure I stay in a place with laundry facilities.  You can find those in even low end motels too, so they are really not that hard to find.

Now, for the actual time that we are there, I usually use either pocket diapers that agitate the insert out themselves (like Smarti Pants) or AIO diapers just because they are SO much easier to wash!  This makes using someone else's washer a little easier on you.

Another thing that I always make sure I do is that I save up samples for trips.  Some great samples to have are washing powder, diaper rash cream and wipe solution.  This makes it much easier to carry everything around with you.  I know that I would never want to carry around a whole large bag of cloth diaper detergent, so this makes everything much better.

A different way that some people go is that they use disposable inserts for the trip.  This makes it much easier for some, but honestly, I really don't like to use them.  But if that is easier on you, that is what you should do as that is better than using non-biodegradable disposable diapers!  Any little thing helps remember ;-)

But, whatever you choice...just know that you are helping the environment!

Contributed by Nicki

Thursday, April 11, 2013

How Often Should You Wash Cloth?

Did you know Smartipants Diapers recommends washing your diapers every 3 days? 3 days should be 
the maximum you go without laundering your cloth. After 3 days your diapers can become a breeding 
ground for bacteria.

Warmer days are approaching, which means higher temps inside those diaper pails. Bacteria thrive in 
warm, moist areas.  This is especially important in humid climates. Humid climates are more at risk of 
their diapers growing mold if not laundered correctly.  Along with the bacteria and mold risk, going 
longer than 3 days between washes can increase the chances of your diapers developing a stink [a 
stink that remains after being washed, no one wants that!]. This is because of the bacteria inside your 

If you do happen to go longer than 3 days between a wash, or find your diapers develop a stink, I 
recommend disinfecting them. 

How to Disinfect Your Diapers

To disinfect cloth diapers, I suggest doing a few hot washes [as hot as your washer will allow- check your water heater to see if you can turn it up] with as much water as possible in the washer. Only the first 
wash will need detergent included. The rest can be plain water, or any additives recommended by the 
link below.  In my opinion the best bacteria killer is the sun. Sun dry those diapers to sanitize them.  If 
you decide to use the dryer, be sure that after the cycle is done that those diapers are completely dry. 

Do not let them sit damp as this increases your chance of mold/mildew growing.

If sunning isn’t an option or if you’re dealing with mildew/mold stains, please refer to this site for help. 
They provide many options for killing mildew and bacteria safely on cloth and removing the nasty stains 
they leave behind.

Also, please be aware that more humid climates may need to do more frequent washes. Watch your 
pail and be the judge of if 3 days is ok or if more frequent washes are needed.  Wet pails are also not 
recommended since in warm temperatures it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

Contributed by: Alex

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Benefits of Sunning Your Cloth Diapers

You may not even realize it, but the sun can be a very valuable (and free) tool for your
precious cloth diapers. Now that we are entering the spring and summer seasons here in
New England, not only am I excited for the warmer weather, but also because I can put my
cloth diapers outside.

There are many benefits to “sunning” your cloth diapers. Here are just a few:

  1. They just smell good after being outside in the fresh air.
  2. It is FREE to sun your diapers outside.
  3. It decreases the use of your dryer, decreasing your electricity bill.
  4. The sun helps to remove stains.
  5. The sun also adds an antimicrobial/antibacterial property (the heat and UV rays). In a way sanitizing your diapers.

Some Warnings about Sunning:

1. You may become addicted and like being outside way too much.
2. Your neighbors may think you're “the crazy lady” hanging diapers in your
3. Bring them in before it rains, unless you like your diapers sopping wet and then
have to re-dry them.
4. Watch out for bugs!!!! I had a bad experience with a spider in one of my diapers.
5. Wind can take your diapers flying all over the yard.
6. Be careful in extreme heat/sun with your PUL and TPU diapers as high
temperatures can cause delamination.

Most of the warnings are just little things that I have experienced while sunning my
diapers. Don’t let it deter you from using the sun as it can be an all natural and powerful
agent in drying your cloth diapers.

Do you sun your cloth diapers?

What is the best way that works for you?

Contributed by: Julie