Friday, March 19, 2010

Thinking about reusable diapers? New to cloth?

Want to go green? Start at the bottom!
Here is an overview of Smartipants for the new user or for anyone considering reusable diapers.

So many moms I know want to make the best decisions for their babies while being environmentally responsible at the same time. But sometimes the expense can be overwhelming. What if there was a way to make a great choice for your baby that was also eco-friendly and saved you thousands of dollars? Would you be interested in trying it? Most of us would answer that with a lot of enthusiasm!
Well, there is finally a product that makes this claim and lives up to it starting at the bottom, literally! Smartipants is a fantastic new reusable diaper for your baby’s bottom. Smartipants diapers are washed and reused but that is where their similarity to old fashioned cloth diapers you might imagine ends. These modern new diapers are made from high performance fabrics, keep baby’s skin dry and rash free, and adjust to fit babies from around 7 to 35 lbs. meaning that as your baby grows so does their diaper!
These smart diapers are unique in that they are the only reusable diapers made 100% in the USA in their own facility right in Los Angeles. They are also unique in their innovative design. Smartipants diapers are the only diaper in the world with a “smart sleeve” that holds an absorbent insert in place while baby wears the diaper and automatically separates itself from the diaper during the laundering process to get twice as clean and dry in half the time! It also means moms only have to handle the diapers when they are clean and dry and can immediately place wet diapers into the diaper pail to wash.
We know your next question is going to be what about the poop? Smartipants are lined with a special stay dry material which wicks moisture quickly away from baby’s sensitive skin and does not hold onto anything solid, so soiled diapers can simply be shaken over the toilet to release solid waste and then they go right into the diaper pail until wash day. This great fabric also washes clean without staining. The outer fabric used is completely soft yet totally waterproof eliminating the need for plastic pants or separate covers.
The recommended number of diapers for full time diapering from birth to potty learning is 24 Smartipants. You can purchase these directly from their website at for around $300.00. If you chose disposable diapers you would need approximately 7,000 diapers! Purchasing reusable Smartipants diapers will save you $3,000 over the cost of disposables making these very smart diapers indeed.
Smartipants are a favorite of celebrity moms like Sarah Jessica Parker and Kourtney Kardashian! They have been featured in People Magazine, Parents Magazine, Life & Style and on televisions The Doctors and more.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Frugalicious Mommy Smartipants Review!

Thank you Virginia for your great review of Smartipants!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Cloth Diaper Report review of Smartipants and giveaway!

This is a very thorough review of Smartipants diapers and the blogger is hosting a giveaway! Enter to win a smartipants and good luck!