Friday, July 1, 2016

Shower Gifts for the Cloth Mama!

Let's talk shower gifts!

Perhaps one of the most common shower gifts that we all receive in abundance is diapers! It makes's something that all babies need and go through in abundance, so it's always a safe bet!

But what if you're cloth diapering? Or attending a shower for someone who is? What gifts are appropriate for the cloth diapering mama or mama to be? Today I'm sharing a few ideas:

Cloth Diapers. 
Of course, the most obvious gift is cloth diapers! I can assure you that any cloth diapering mama would love to receive cloth diapers as a shower gift- as more often than not we actually hear discouragement about the decision to use cloth. Not sure where to start? Ask the mom to be if she has any preferences, or buy a few different types if your budget allows. Not all diaper work the same for all babies, so it is nice to give mom a variety to try out.