Friday, July 1, 2016

Shower Gifts for the Cloth Mama!

Let's talk shower gifts!

Perhaps one of the most common shower gifts that we all receive in abundance is diapers! It makes's something that all babies need and go through in abundance, so it's always a safe bet!

But what if you're cloth diapering? Or attending a shower for someone who is? What gifts are appropriate for the cloth diapering mama or mama to be? Today I'm sharing a few ideas:

Cloth Diapers. 
Of course, the most obvious gift is cloth diapers! I can assure you that any cloth diapering mama would love to receive cloth diapers as a shower gift- as more often than not we actually hear discouragement about the decision to use cloth. Not sure where to start? Ask the mom to be if she has any preferences, or buy a few different types if your budget allows. Not all diaper work the same for all babies, so it is nice to give mom a variety to try out.

Baby Legwarmers
Typically speaking, moms who cloth diaper love to show off those diapers off! Legwarmers can be a fun gift that allow them to do just that. Buy a cute pocket diaper and some matching legwarmers...maybe even a top to complete the outfit! Mom will love that you made the effort to consider her wishes, and should cloth diapering not work out for any reason, this is a gift that they can continue to use regardless.

Laundry Supplies
Cloth diapering moms are going to become laundry experts, so it's nice to give them a little head start. Find out what type of detergent they plan to use and help them stock up. Also consider things like cloth friendly stain removers, wool dryer balls or drying racks.

Cloth Wipes/ Baby Washcloths. 
Now, some cloth diapering moms do stick with disposable wipes, so you may want to check with her first, but if she plans to use cloth wipes too this can be a great gift. If you're not sure where to buy cloth wipes, baby wash clothes are a great alternative. These again are something that can be used beyond cloth diapering as well. You could even go all out and put together a gift basket with several baby wash clothes, a spray bottle and even cloth friendly diaper creme too!

Wet Bags. 
Perhaps one of my favorite gift ideas aside from cloth diapers themselves are wet bags. One of the most common complaints I hear from those shopping for a gift for a cloth diapering mom is that they fear that they will spend money on cloth diapering supplies and that mom will change her mind or it won't work out. So, they would rather spend the money on a gift they know will be used. Wet bags certainly fit that bill. Not only are they necessary for cloth diapering, but they can be used for ALL babies, and long beyond diapering days. They are also ideal for soiled clothes and blankets when out and about, potty training accidents and even trips to the beach or pool. This is a gift you can be certain will get used for diapering and beyond.

Are you a cloth diapering mom? What other shower gifts would you add to this list?

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