Sunday, December 13, 2009

Loads More Reviews!

We want to thank the Cloth Diaper Whisperer and the members of Diaper Swappers Forum for taking the time to review Smartipants. Check out the different reviews from the links below!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Review from Kid Buy Products

Melissa at has just submitted a review for us to post. Thanks for taking the time to check out Smartipants!

You can read the review here:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Blog Review!

Check out how this mommy uses cloth diapers during the night. Looks like mommy, daddy and Leo sleep well when wearing Smartipants through the night.

Click here to read the review:

Friday, September 4, 2009

Elizabeth Carroll - Smartipants Review

Thanks to Elizabeth Carroll for writing this great comparison between our Smartipants and the Bum Genius 3.0 AIO.

Check out the comparison here:

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Access Hollywood - Glam Slam Bag Week

It has been a crazy week, and now we are featured on Access Hollywood's website in their celebrity Glam Slam! To see the article click the link below.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Good Day LA - Baby Essentials

Soooo thankful for Kym Douglas and her passion for quality baby products. If you are in Los Angeles and watch Good Day LA, you may have seen Smartipants featured during the Baby Essentials segment hosted by Kym.

[caption id="attachment_153" align="center" width="320" caption="Good Day LA - Baby Essentials with Kym Douglas"]Good Day LA - Baby Essentials with Kym Douglas[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_154" align="center" width="320" caption="Good Day LA - Smartipants Up Close with Kym Douglas"]Good Day LA - Smartipants Up Close with Kym Douglas[/caption]

Good Day LA - Baby Essentials with Kym Douglas

Thursday, August 27, 2009 - Product Review

We wanted to thank Sherri and her little one, Julia, for trying out SmartiPants. To read her review, please visit her blog by clicking the link below.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Smartipants at Blogher 09!

We are very excited to have been represented at Blogher09! Thanks to Denise Sawyer who is one of the 11moms and the blogger behind for having your gorgeous son Judah model his Smartipants at the event! Visit Denise's blog to see her review of Smartipants and for a chance to win a 3 pack of your own!
Here are some photos from the event!
Judah models Smartipants front and center with Paula Deen!

Denise with Judah sporting his Mellow Yellow Smartipants!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Centsible Sawyer: Smartipants Review and Diaper Giveaway

We want to thank Denise Sawyer from Centsible Sawyer for writing this great review and showing of our diapers on her adorable baby Judah at BlogHero9.

Use the link below to check out the review and win your own Smartipants diaper.

Snellings Stories: Smartipants Review and Diaper Giveaway

Here is another chance to win your very own Smartipants reusable cloth diaper. Check out the review at Snellings Stories and follow the instructions to win your very own Smartipants diaper!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2 More Smartipants Reviews and Smartipants Contests!

Hey there mommy's. We have 2 more Smartipants reviews for you to check out. We love of all you for taking the time and writing about Smartipants. We hope that these reviews and contests give new mommies a chance to get multiple opinions on our Smartipants as well as a chance to possibly try them out for free. Nothing beats a free Smartipants diaper, am I right?

Thanks to Momma's Got a Timeout and Suburban Cloth for these reviews!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Roots, Wings & a Mommy Moment

My mother always tells me that my job is to give my kids roots and wings. Preferably, roots first.
I love this peice of advice. I want to teach my kids important things about life and taking care of themselves and of our planet. I want them to help others whenever they can and all of this to be rooted in them. I want so many things for my kids, but mostly I want them to really believe that they can be and do whatever they want in this life, because if they believe that, then they can.

So today my 3 year old daughter is asked if she is a princess while we were shopping. She looks at me thoughtfully and asks me "Mommy, am I a princess?" So I asked her, "Do you want to be a princess?" I was so ready to tell her of course she is a princess, the most beautiful in all the land...then she replied, "No I don't want to be a princess, I want to be a cowboy" And so I said " well then you can be a cowboy, then best cowboy ever" and off she galloped down the aisle. I just smiled as my heart galloped away with her.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First Video Review - Dirty Diaper Laundry

We just had our first video review for our Smartipants.

Or you can click here.

Thanks to for taking the time to review our product!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Is it difficult to care for cloth diapers?

Let's talk for a minute about caring for cloth diapers.
When we approach parents new to cloth diapers, often the biggest concern is laundering dirty diapers. Likely based on old fashioned diapers there is a widespread myth that reusable diapers are difficult to care for.
With Smartipants this is simply not true.

So how easy is it really?

It really is very easy. Just like Smartipants are so much easier to use than old fashioned diapers so is laundering them.

Here's the step by step in Smartipants care:

1. Remove wet or soiled diaper from your baby.
2. If diaper is only wet, place entire diaper into a pail or a waterproof laundry bag until it is time to wash a load of diapers.
3. If diaper is soiled and the waste is solid or mostly solid simply shake off as much as possible over the toilet to flush away then place entire diaper in pail or waterproof laundry bag as above.
If the waste is from an exclusively breastfed baby it can also be stored until time to launder as this particular type of waste is proven to completely disolve in the laundering process.
If the waste is a sticky or thick but not solid consistency, it it helpful to utilize a handy tool called a diaper sprayer or a handheld bidet to remove the solid waste by spraying it off of the diaper into the toilet to flush away before storing the diaper until time to launder...

...ok laundry time!

laundering your diapers is simple and helps you to save money while being environmentally responsible. A hot wash, extra rinse and tumble dry will do the trick.
Here are the do's and don'ts:

Do wash your diapers with their inserts still inside- there is no need to touch the wet or soiled insert with Smartipants. They will separate in the washing process on their own.
Do wash in hot or warm water using a small amount of detergent.
Don't use natural soap products or detergent with heavy perfumes or dyes as this can have an adverse effect on the high performance fabrics your Smartipants are made from.
Don't add any kind of fabric softener to the wash or dryer cycle as this will cause your diaper to repel liquids.
Do use your favorite dye free, perfume free laundry detergent as long as it does not contain optical brighteners.
Do use a small amount of detergent, just enough to clean the diapers, more is not better.
Do thoroughly rinse your diapers to remove any residue of detergent.
Do tumble dry your diapers or line dry them.
Do place any stains in direct sunlight to remove the stain.
Place your clean dry insert back into the Smart Sleeve and you're ready to go!

Modern reusable diapers require only a few additional steps to reuse again and again saving families money with every diaper change. Overall, laundering your Smartipants is a process that becomes easier and easier with time. In the end you will have saved over a TON of waste from a landfill for each baby you've used your Smartipants diapers on!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Customer Support

We have had a few emails regarding our shopping cart not completing some transactions. If you are having trouble completing your order please contact us.

e-mail support: or
phone support: 1-877-898-SMART (Toll-Free)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Barefoot-Eco Blog Review!

These reviews just keep coming in. I want to thank everyone at Barefoot-Eco Blog for taking the time to test out our Smartipants. Check out the review at the link below and enter in the contest at the bottom of her blog posting to win your own Smartipants!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Life Upstate - Smartipants Review and Giveaway!!

You mommies are unbelievable. Every day I receive more reviews. Below you will find another extensive review of our dipes. Check the bottom of the review to find out how to win your own Smartipants to try for yourself!

Remember to follow us on Twitter as well

Smartipants Diaper Review!

I wanted to thank all you for taking the time to test out our diapers and write up these reviews. Check out this new review and be sure to book mark her blog!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Great Product Review

We are so grateful to have all you mommies submitting and blogging reviews on our diapers. Below is another review and contest to win a free Smartipants diaper. Follow this link below to read the article and enter into the contest.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Color Names have been chosen!!

We are so excited! Our color naming contest has come to an end and we have selected the winners.
You all submitted such creative name ideas for our 7 current Smartipants colors!
We have chosen 7 names for our colors from your entries. The winners have been notified via email.
We will announce the names this coming week. Thank you again for all of your contest submissions.

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Product Review

Thanks Mamabee for the great Smartipants review.  Here is the link to her article.  All moms should check it out and enter in the contest she posted.

Click to Read the Review

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Chance for Contest Name Submissions!!

Hey Smartipants testers!

 Last chance to submit your name selections for the contest.

 The winners will be chosen and posted June 5th ( tomorrow) so email your entries to and you could be a winner!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Kids and their messes!

If you are a parent you understand that when Phyllis Diller said " picking up after children is like shoveling snow during a blizzard" she was right! With 4 children running around it's definetely a chaotic blizzard of kids stuff more often than not in our house.  If you were here you'd frequently hear me saying " I hope you're cleaning that up!" to whatever major catastrophe I heard crashing down in another room.

So today I had another mommy moment. My mommy moments are those sweet moments that stand out in my mind and make me emotional about my kids. Today my 3 year old went into her sisters room and after a few minutes I followed her. She had dumped out my older daughters HUGE bin of Barbies and all those little clothes and microscopic shoes. I said "what are you doing with all this stuff out?" and she looked up at me serenely and said very sweetly " I'm cleaning it up" as if that was all she was doing in there all along then she went about playing!  All I could do was shake my head and laugh, after all, it was a very good answer.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tester Diapers Coming Soon!

The launch of Smartipants has been so much fun so far! We've sent out over 200 samples of our diaper to be used and reviewed by moms around the world. If you are one of our testers thank you so much for taking the time to try our product. Please remember to use this form to leave feedback. Once your feedback form is sent to us you will receive a special thank you via email from Smartipants!

We are looking forward to sharing the reviews of these moms with everyone very soon. We value the opinions of all our smartimoms and their babies. We strive to create products that are a great value as well as comfortable, modern and durable for you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Now Open For Business!

Hello World!

I am so proud to announce the arrival of the most innovative one-size fits all reuseable diaper with a design so advanced we had to call them Smartipants!

Now available in a beautiful selection of 7 colors sure to please you and your baby at . Smartipants feature a sleek new design and are the easiest one-size fits all reusable diaper available. Visit our site to learn more about our innovative design, the company mission, and meet our designer. Feel free to call, email or message our Smartimom (that’s me!) I have 4 kids and over 8 years experience in cloth diapering. Ask me questions and learn more about the amazing value Smartipants can offer your family.

Our diapers were designed with you in mind. The modernization of cloth diapers has come a long way over the last few years, but we can still do better. What we need are diapers that:

- DON’T leak

- are NOT bulky

- can be used day and night

- are easy to use on the go

- are easy for use by daycares and babysitters

- do NOT require a complicated laundering routine

- are economical

- will LAST

Smartipants fit the bill! They are designed specifically to meet these needs!

Check out today to check them out. Try a Smart Start pack and be amazed at a diaper that really works! Trim, absorbent, easy- what’s not to love! Such a great deal and the Smart Start packs are discounted!

Oh did I mention that these are the best priced diapers on the market today compared to other major brands? Did I also mention that they are made completely in the USA- even the inserts? Did you know that Smartipants are backed by the best warranty in the industry? Did I tell you that smart moms everywhere are loving the simplicity of using and caring for their Smartipants?

Yup it’s all true! This is the diaper you’ve been waiting for. If you are new to cloth or a seasoned mommy, you will find that Smartipants are easy to use, easy to care for and easy to love!

Join us at and find your smart solution today!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mommy Moments #1

Do you ever get those moments where your heart swells when your child does something new? It’s so easy to be proud of their milestones yet difficult to let them grow out of their babyhood to reach some of them.

One of my sons is 6 years old and in Kindergarten. This morning when I took him to school he politely informed me that I no longer needed to walk him to the gate. He said “you stay here and I will walk over there by myself” so I kissed him goodbye and watched him walk away from me. As I watched my little boy walking all on his own with his little lunch pail going off to school, I knew he was saying “ I can do it on my own” but I was hearing” I don’t need you anymore”…

As he turned to wave at me, I smiled and waved back, and he disappeared into his classroom. Then I smiled at my toddler who was with me, got back in the car to drive home and cried all the way.

As soon as we got home my daughter informed me that she needed a diaper change and I remembered that some things are way easier to let them do on their own so we had another little chat about using the potty and I had to laugh at myself!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Diaper Care

I came across this article this morning.

It occurred to me that caring for diapers has become more complicated than it needs to be. Honestly, some of this information was not correct. For example, it says to test your diaper by putting water on it and checking to see if it beads up and if it does wash it again. However it fails to mention that with any stay dry material ( ie. Fleece, microfleece, suedecloth) it will ALWAYS appear to bead up so you’d be doing a lot of washing! Stay dry materials are used in many modern diapers and in all of the top 3 major brands and definitely deserve mentioning.

I am going to love being able to give the easy instructions for Smartipants!

I also get disturbed at the promotion of wet pails. Honestly it wastes more water and can be a hazard with a baby or small child in the house. It is no more helpful with stains than line drying your diapers in the sun. Avoid the risk and waste of the water and store in dry pail. If you really need to rinse your diapers then use a diaper sprayer! Very convenient.

When it comes to washing start simple and if you are having trouble with additives and a complicated washing routine then go back to basics!

Wash, rinse dry. Use a detergent that won’t leave residue and if you get stains put your diaper out in the sun-it takes out stains like magic! This also works great on clothing stained with baby food. Just wash and hang to dry in the sun.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Benefits of Cloth Diapers

Frugal Moms use Cloth Diapers to Save Money

I found this article today

I really felt this was a good accurate article and presented modern cloth diapers in a positive light.

I definitely understand the mom who says cloth seems “ick” and it makes me smile to know our new design would really benefit her! No mom I know wants to deal with poop, they just do because they have to. Reducing that as much as possible makes our innovative new design something that will really benefit these moms.

I giggled at the mom who said she washed her child’s poopy clothes separately! I don’t wash poopy diapers together with my other clothes. I have a specific system set up and enough diapers to wash every few days and have the diaper load go in a load by itself. Most cloth moms do it that way. I also laughed because in cloth we have poopy diapers, in disposables she’s washing poopy clothes I guess that tosses the theory of cloth being wasteful of water out the window. This mom quoted in the article actually washes her sons clothes that have poop on them as the result of leaky disposables separately meaning she tosses the diaper into a landfill AND THEN proceeds to use the same amount of water I use to wash my diapers to wash her sons poopy clothes! So we use the same amount of water and energy but one of us creates no no additional waste in the process-just saying!

I really love that our innovative new diaper will solve a few of the problems some mothers present as reasons they might not choose cloth diapers. I also love that cloth is finally being presented in the media as a viable money saving option and that they are presenting modern designs and not plastic pants and pins. Overall I enjoyed the article, what did you think?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Final Design and Name -- Exciting!

Final prototype is complete-love it!

We’ve chosen 7 colors for our first line. My favorites are definitely in there!

We decided that we need to make our entire product in the USA. Both the diaper and the insert will be made in the USA and I’m so happy about that!


It’s a term of endearment, a little bit sweet and a little bit sassy! It also touches on the intelligence of the design, of choosing the best for your baby and making smart choices.

We are getting closer and closer to introducing the world to


I love this name! I use this term with my kids when they are being a little bit sassy, but secretly I love that they are confident, independent individuals and growing into young people capable of stating their thoughts on different subjects. Just don’t tell them that I said that!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Building a New Cloth Diaper Design

Wow! So I met with the team and it was so fun to sit and talk about the design and have everyone contribute ideas and talk about how to address the concerns of cloth diapering parents. It’s fun deciding how to improve existing concepts while introducing concepts that are brand new. I also enjoyed talking about the beginning of my experience with diaper design and how I came up with the very first one-size pocket diaper in the world. It’s still a source of pride for me that some of the top rated diapers in the world are also one-size pocket diapers. I still smile seeing how well the different styles of one-size pocket diapers are doing in the market. Clearly that was a good idea and it’s one I’m very, very proud of. So it was fun to talk about how it all began, and how I thought up the first designs and where they are now.

It’s even more fun though, to imagine the future and to challenge myself with new concepts. I understand that there are a lot more diapers available in many more styles than ever before. I have the task of coming up with something completely new. Obviously I want to touch on the best parts of my ideas thus far, but now I have to find a brand new component! What will it be, how will it be different, how will it benefit moms and dads who will use it?

I have a couple of design ideas and I’ve had them for awhile, so I wonder if this is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for to share them? Time to get to the sewing machine, my favorite part of the process, it’s time to sew up some diapers!