Sunday, January 11, 2009

Building a New Cloth Diaper Design

Wow! So I met with the team and it was so fun to sit and talk about the design and have everyone contribute ideas and talk about how to address the concerns of cloth diapering parents. It’s fun deciding how to improve existing concepts while introducing concepts that are brand new. I also enjoyed talking about the beginning of my experience with diaper design and how I came up with the very first one-size pocket diaper in the world. It’s still a source of pride for me that some of the top rated diapers in the world are also one-size pocket diapers. I still smile seeing how well the different styles of one-size pocket diapers are doing in the market. Clearly that was a good idea and it’s one I’m very, very proud of. So it was fun to talk about how it all began, and how I thought up the first designs and where they are now.

It’s even more fun though, to imagine the future and to challenge myself with new concepts. I understand that there are a lot more diapers available in many more styles than ever before. I have the task of coming up with something completely new. Obviously I want to touch on the best parts of my ideas thus far, but now I have to find a brand new component! What will it be, how will it be different, how will it benefit moms and dads who will use it?

I have a couple of design ideas and I’ve had them for awhile, so I wonder if this is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for to share them? Time to get to the sewing machine, my favorite part of the process, it’s time to sew up some diapers!