Friday, July 1, 2016

Shower Gifts for the Cloth Mama!

Let's talk shower gifts!

Perhaps one of the most common shower gifts that we all receive in abundance is diapers! It makes's something that all babies need and go through in abundance, so it's always a safe bet!

But what if you're cloth diapering? Or attending a shower for someone who is? What gifts are appropriate for the cloth diapering mama or mama to be? Today I'm sharing a few ideas:

Cloth Diapers. 
Of course, the most obvious gift is cloth diapers! I can assure you that any cloth diapering mama would love to receive cloth diapers as a shower gift- as more often than not we actually hear discouragement about the decision to use cloth. Not sure where to start? Ask the mom to be if she has any preferences, or buy a few different types if your budget allows. Not all diaper work the same for all babies, so it is nice to give mom a variety to try out.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cloth Part Time? Of Course!!

"I know cloth diapering can save a ton of money, BUT I can't do it. Our daycare won't allow it. We travel too much. It just won't work for us."

Does this sound like you? Or perhaps someone you know? It's a complaint that I have heard far too often. People love the idea of cloth diapers, but just cannot see how cloth diapering full time can fit into their schedule or their lifestyle. And for those who depend on others to provide childcare during anytime during their child's day, this is a very real concern.

But who says it has to be all or nothing?

Why can't cloth diapering be only part time? Why can't you do both? Today I'm sharing how cloth diapering part time can STILL be beneficial.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Pros & Cons of the Varieties of Cloth Diapers

When you begin looking into cloth, one of the first things you're likely to discover is that there are a LOT of options available. Pockets, all in ones, all in twos...what do they all mean and which is best? Today, I will share what each type is and the pros and cons of each.

Pocket Diapers

Pockets are perhaps one of the more common types of cloth diapers and for good reason. Pocket diapers feature an opening in the diaper in which you 'stuff' your absorbent material. Inserts can be made from microfiber, hemp, bamboo or a combination, though microfiber is most common.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Smarti Pants Newborn Diapers

I'm here today to focus on the other side of Smarti Pants, with their "Little Smarti" diapers. These are newborn cloth diapers that fit from 5-12 lbs, have elastic at the legs and back to contain messes, and is a complete all-in-one with an enclosed microfiber pad offering great absorbency.
Most One Size diapers start at 7lbs and I know that one size may not fit right away for people that have smaller or petite children. 

HOWEVER, these newborn diapers retail for $3 MORE than the One Size diaper Smarti Pants also sells. If you're willing to buy, you can always save for future children or sell after baby outgrows for part of your money back. 

I will add that Smarti Pants offers bundle packages so you can buy one diaper for $17.95 or a three pack for $49.95. They come in pink, blue, or white.

Courtesy of Michelle @ Mama's Baby Cupcakes

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cloth Diapering And Hospitals

While reviewing the Kelly Wels book, I came upon a subject I had never thought about... cloth diapering while in the hospital. I just assumed that it's your baby so you can have them wear whatever you want. I mean, they let you bring in your own clothes as well as your own baby clothes and blankets, so why not cloth diapers?

According to "Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom's Guide to Cloth Diapering" it is necessary to check with your hospital to make sure cloth diapering is even allowed. If they're not allowed, you can always advocate and see if they change their mind.

  • Take in samples of cloth diapers, especially AIO (All In Ones) or pockets to your childbirth class and let them see just how simple a cloth diaper can be.
  • Let them know you and your family are willing to change ALL DIAPERS!
  • Possibly ask a local retailer to help you contact your hospital, and they could even get business out of it, like a cloth diapering class at the hospital. (That would be AMAZING!)
  • Contact the Real Diaper Association for helpful tips as well. They also offer advocacy pamphlets on their website that you can print out and take with you. You can visit the advocacy group on their blog, Cloth Diapers In Hospitals, and they even have a Facebook page.

Did you cloth diaper in the hospital?
Did anyone try to tell you it wasn't allowed?

Michelle @ Mama's Baby Cupcakes blog

Monday, January 11, 2016

You Know You're a Cloth Diaper Mom When....

Perhaps the title of this post should be 'You Know You're A Cloth Diapering ADDICT When...' because let's be honest, it's hard to be a cloth diapering mom without also becoming an addict. Sure, we mostly all start with great intentions- save money, save the planet- but for many of us, that love cannot help but grow. Trust me, I get it! So, today I'm sharing this fun list of ways that you truly know you've got the cloth diaper fever!

  • You get more excited over a new print/color than you do a new pair of shoes. And believe me, I love me some shoes too!
  • You actually look forward to diaper laundry! The rest of the laundry on the other hand can wait!
  • Seeing another baby out and about in cloth is like seeing a celebrity. Brad who?
  • The word 'unicorn' has taken on a whole new meaning.
  • You choose shirts and dresses based on how well it will match your favorite diapers. And in the summer, pants are completely optional.
  • You've excitedly shared your fluff mail photos via social media.And don't forget your stash shots! (And you love seeing other peoples too!)
  • You've learned a whole new language- AIO, AI2, FST... you know what these mean without a second thought.
  • You dread the day your baby potty trains! What will you do with all those diapers!?
  • You want to have a new baby so you can continue using cloth...and buy newborn cloth too! (Too extreme?)
  • You get super excited every time you discover a new cloth diaper giveaway. Never mind that you don't NEED anymore diapers!
  • You have enough diapers to diaper 3 kids... and you just have one!
  • You have a sticker on your vehicle celebrating cloth diapering. (No, really, I have this!!)
  • You said, 'Just one more diaper'...5 diapers ago! Too many diapers? Never!
  • You cannot wait until the next Great Cloth Diaper Change.
  • You've read through this list and saw yourself on more than a few!

Are you a cloth diaper addict? How would YOU finish the sentence, "You know you're a cloth diapering mama when..."

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Traveling with Cloth: Questions To Consider

'Tis the season for holiday travels- from Thanksgiving to New Years, for many families like my own, this is the time for traveling! Traveling with kids in general can be a bit of a headache, but traveling with a cloth diapered baby? That presents it's own unique set of challenges!

Many find that using disposable during your travels is an ideal solution, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. Still others prefer the use of cloth at all times if possible. Though traveling with cloth does require some forethought, it IS possible! I've done it many times myself! Today, I'm sharing some questions to consider when weighing the decision to cloth or not cloth during your holiday or year round travels!

How long is the trip? How often will I be able to change baby?

This is super important to consider. Will you be able to stop as needed to change baby or will there be periods during which this isn't possible? Generally speaking, cloth is going to need to be changed more often, so if there is a chance that won't be possible, disposables (at least during the travel itself) may be a better option for you.

How long will I be gone? How big is my stash? Will I have access to a washer?

Thankfully in all of my holiday travels, we stay with family and are able to wash as needed. We also have an unnecessarily large stash, so should I be unable to wash right away, we still have plenty. Some do find washing by hand to be an option when staying in hotels, etc, but this is something you'd have to decide if you are comfortable doing. Also, consider how much time you will have to wash. Even having access to a washer doesn't help much if you've got a million holiday festivities filling every minute. Again, if you have a large stash, this won't be much of a problem but if you have a smaller stash that requires more frequent washing make sure you will actually have the time!

How much room do I have?

I don't know about you, but when we travel for the holidays we are often pretty packed down with luggage and gifts- coming and going. Cloth diapers do tend to take up more room, so be mindful of this in your decision and your packing! (I personally find all in twos to be ideal for traveling because they do tend to take up less space! There are also disposable insert options that can be rather convenient as well!)

If after asking yourself these few questions, you've decided cloth is still the better option for you, these tips will make your travels even easier:

  • It doesn't have to be all or nothing. Want to try using cloth on the road, but concerned it might end badly? Use both! Go with disposables for the actual travel and have them on hand once you've arrived but use cloth once there!
  • Keep them easily accessible. When packing your vehicle for the road, make sure to leave your diapers where you can get to them easily when you stop!
  • Bring several wet bags. We tend to have a lot of visits to make when we're home for the holidays so multiple wet bags are a must. I have my large wet bags which stays where we are staying, and several small bags so that I can have empty/clean bags wherever else we go.
  • Don't be afraid to over pack. It's better to have too many diapers than not enough.
  • Always ASK about washers beforehand. Some people aren't comfortable with having diapers washed in their machines, unfortunately. So, even if you know that there IS a washer where you are going, make sure they are okay with you washing diapers. Know what type of washer they have as well, and pack your own detergent!

Do you travel with cloth? What other tips do you have?