Monday, February 27, 2017

Reasons to shift to washable diapers for babies and skeptics’ arguments against them

 This question has been asked and researched over the internet at least a billion times. And here are a few simple and straightforward reasons as to why you should, as a parent, shift to using washable diapers for your babies.
1.Money Saver
Washable diapers for babies are obviously re-usable many, many times. Therefore, by using them you are literally going to save a few thousand dollars. This profound savings is on just the first child. Now if you have more babies, you can use the supply of cloth diapers of one size fits all type you already have and save even more.

Argument 1: The initial cost to buy cloth diapers in wholesale is very high.

Answer: Yes, you may find the initial investment on cloth diapers more than that on the disposable ones. But this is just a one-time investment. It means it is the only investment of yours on your baby’s diapers.

Regardless of your position on environmental issues such as global warming and non-bio degradable pile-ups, it is in everyone’s best interest to have a safe, healthy, and clean environment. By using disposable diapers, all we are doing is adding to the non-bio degradable pile-up and thus ruining the environment.

Washable diapers for babies are made up of bio-degradable materials and are also not required in huge quantity.  This means that we are being eco-friendly, helping our environment.

Argument 2: The laundering of washable diapers for babies requires the use of water and detergents which also have a negative impact on the environment.  Washing diapers requires the use of electricity.
Answer: Yes, this is true. But look at the other side. Disposable diapers use tons of resources for their production which costs a lot of money and requires the cutting of trees. It also adds to ourlandfills, which negatively impacts our environment.

Nowadays, you may find natural based detergents which are in the end good for both, the environment and your baby’s skin. Also, you may air-dry your cloth diapers to cut-down on the electricity usage. Sunshine is good for removing any stains.

3.Baby Friendly
Cloth diapers are made out of natural fibers and thus lets your baby’s skin breathe. It means less rashes on your baby’s bum and reduces the chance of allergic reactions.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Common Objections to Washable Diapers for Babies and their Solutions

A shift from using disposable diapers to cloth diapers of one size fits all type for your baby is a major decision for any parent. And while this decision has a lot of advantages and proves to be beneficial for your baby’s skin, there are still common misconceptions about diapers that often deters parents from making the change.

Here are a few common objections from parents when asked to make the change from disposable diapers to cloth diapers. 

     1.       It is too Messy!
Now, let us be real. For the mothers of newborns, dealing with stool becomes a part of their routine life just as walking, talking, breathing, and sleeping. But not many mothers know that the stool of breast-fed babies is water soluble. This means you can simply wash dirty diapers in the laundry.

When a toddler makes a stool, you simply have to throw out the stool before laundering the diapers. This is actually a lot cleaner and simpler than it sounds. There are many diaper sprayers that can easily clean stool from the toilet.  Diaper services can also offer simple solutions to washing dirty reusable cloth diapers.

2.       It is too Difficult
Cloth diapers of today’s time are so well designed and easy to use.  You don’t need to pin your diaper every time you change your baby.  Cloth diapers of one size fits all type and pocket styles are just as easy as using the disposable ones, if not more.  One size fits all pocket type cloth diapers are a wonderful invention to reduce the diaper changing process time to seconds. 

3.       It is too Expensive
This is obviously a joke. Let me explain it to you very simply. Imagine you buy cloth diapers in wholesale, especially in a one size fits all type. This means you can use and re-use them from your when your baby is a newborn until it’s time to potty train him/her.  Now if you would be using disposable diapers, you would need to buy hundreds of diapers until your baby is ready for potty training.  Do the math yourself!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to find Cloth Diaper Cover Sales Online

Baby Diaper Cover

In order to provide a green environment for the next generations, we need to start educating ourselves and our children about rescuing and nurturing mother nature. We can help accomplish this through washable baby cloth diapers

When you search for baby diapers online, you find two main categories of diapers — washable cloth diapers for babies and disposable ones. Most pediatricians and new-age moms advocate the use of cloth diapers. 

Online cloth diaper stores offer a wide variety of cloth diapers. The ones most commonly used are pocket style cloth diapers and one size fits all cloth diapers. These diapers, when used in combination with a diaper cover, can work wonders for your baby. 

Cloth diaper covers are used to prevent any mess that might occur due to leakage. They also ensure the comfort of your baby at all times. When you look online for a diaper cover sale, you will find many different types and sizes available. 

Here are a few practical tips when searching online for washable cloth diaper covers online:

Search for the ideal provider
There are many local baby shops and online markets from which you can buy cloth diaper cover at sale prices. But in order to enjoy more discounts, it is recommended to search for online stores from whom you can buy cloth diapers at wholesale prices for your newborn, or even find cloth diaper packages which may include a set of diaper accessories along with the diapers. 

Search for Reputed Brands
There are many brands that manufacture high quality diaper covers made up of breathable fabrics and with durable elasticity.  It is recommended to buy a cloth diaper cover of the same brand as your cloth diapers. Or even better, you may buy a one size fits all cover.

Buy cloth diaper covers in wholesale
Buying in wholesale means saving more money. Of course, the quantity of diaper covers required is not as high as cloth diapers, but you can buy in bulk and then share with a group of friends or relatives.  This way you all can save money.

Buy second-hand cloth diaper cover in sale
If you are financially unable to spend a large amount at one time, you can also look for second-hand products. This will keep the cost of the cloth diaper covers down and will make them more affordable. There are many sellers of second hand cloth diaper covers who offer durable diaper covers that are in still in good condition.  

By following the tips above, you will be surely able to buy cloth diaper cover at sale prices and save a lot of money.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

How to find the Best Deal on Cloth Diapers Online

It is vital to have a good supply of diapers, diaper covers, diaper inserts, cleaning detergents, room fresheners, and a diaper pail for those parents who decide to use washable diapers for their babies. Not everything mentioned above can be available in nearby store and therefore finding the best deal on cloth diapers and accessories online is important.

Online merchants may offer you special offers and bulk buy discounts from time to time. When searching, look out for newborn cloth diaper packages if you wish to buy cloth diapers in wholesale. You can also look for sales which include both cloth diapers and diaper covers.

For those parents who are absolutely new in the diaper buying game, it is always advisable to shop from online cloth diaper stores. Shopping from online cloth diaper stores have many advantages such as:

  • Range of Products: Online cloth diaper stores not only sell cloth diapers but also sell the relevant and matching accessories like diaper covers, diaper inserts and diaper pail. This way you don’t need to shop online from different places. You can just buy everything you need for diapering your baby from a single platform.
  • Shipping Policies: Online cloth diaper stores generally have free shipping available if you shop for a minimum amount. This way you can save money on shipping when you buy cloth diapers in wholesale or when you buy cloth diapers and their accessories together.
  • Return Policies: Let us hope that you are never delivered faulty products or wrong products. Be prepared by knowing the return policies of online cloth diaper stores. Some online cloth diaper stores offer a 30 day free return guarantee. This means you can try their products and in case you don’t like them you can simply return them.
  • Reputation: Check out the mommy blogs and relevant Facebook/Twitter profiles for recommendations on where to shop. The power of social media is incredible.
  • Secure Payment Facility: Although most of online cloth diaper stores have a secured payment structure, you should still be alert because you are most likely to be paying with a credit card. An easy way to check whether the site from which you are buying washable diapers for your babies is trustworthy is to check the browser for a lock icon which signifies the security. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How to effectively clean Cloth Diapers – One Size Fits All

The most common concern amongst new moms is how to clean washable diapers for babies. There is no rocket science involved in cleaning cloth diapers of one size fits all type. In fact, cleaning washable diapers for babies is neither a disgusting nor a difficult task.

Gone are those days when cleaning cloth diapers involved soaking, bleaching, pre-washing, re-washing, and air-drying. The washable diapers for babies of today’s generation are much more advanced than the old ones. Pocket style cloth diapers of one size fits all type have proved to be extremely easy for new moms to clean.  Here are some simple steps to help you clean diapers.


The urine of a baby can easily get dissolved in water. Therefore, the diapers which are only wet can be directly washed in the laundry.

In breastfed babies, the poop produced is easily diffusible in water. Therefore, while your baby is breastfeeding, you can directly launder your baby’s cloth diapers of one size fits all type.

If the baby has solid poop, you can simply drop the stool into the toilet and flush it away. Afterwards, you can simply launder it without any swirling or wringing.

Best Diaper Pail for Cloth Diapers

Washing diapers with other clothes is a bad idea. Washing individual diapers each time is even more frustrating, costly and wastes more water. Therefore, a diaper pail is the solution. A diaper pail is a bag in which you can store your baby’s dirty diapers until you are ready to do the laundry.

But then, isn’t any bag fine for storing used diapers?

The answer is No. the best diaper pail for cloth diapers is one which not only stores the dirty diapers inside, but also keeps the smell inside. You can store your diapers in a diaper pail so that your house remains smelling fresh and clean.


You can wash the cloth diapers, cloth diaper covers, cloth diaper inserts, and cloth diaper pails altogether in a single wash. The ideal washing cycle for washing the washable diapers for babies starts with a cold water rinse, followed by a hot water wash with detergent.


Using the right detergent in the right quantity is the key here. There are many special baby detergents available on the market. You may choose any one of them which does not contain bleaching agents and fragrance. To determine the right quantity for washing dirty cloth diapers of one size fits all type you need to use the trial and error technique. Start with using exactly half the amount of detergent as recommended and adjust the quantity required from that point.

Happy Cloth Diapering!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Want to Buy Baby Diapers? Know about Diaper Rashes —Remedies

A few things are to be kept in mind while deciding to buy baby diapers such as fit and size, cost, quality, material, and possibility of diaper rashes. Babies suffering from diaper rashes is not an uncommon thing. And it definitely doesn’t portray that the child care is being neglected for. 

Diaper rashes are identified by inflamed skin and redness in the diaper area including upper thighs, bums and genital area. All other symptoms of diaper rashes have already been discussed earlier in the Want to Buy Baby Diapers? Know about Diaper Rashes — Symptoms
The most common cause of diaper rashes is being prolonged exposure to a dirty diaper; all other causes have already been discussed earlier in the Want to Buy Baby Diapers? Know about Diaper Rashes — Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and Remedies — First blog.
However, if the diaper rash isn’t treated preliminarily, it can cause yeast or bacterial infections, making matters worse and necessitating a visit to the pediatrician. Various treatments that you can use to treat diaper rashes have already been discussed in Want to Buy Baby Diapers? Know about Diaper Rashes —Treatments.

Nevertheless, if you are one of those moms who prefer natural ingredients and home remedies for your baby’s diaper rash over marketing rash creams and other products, there are many natural home care remedies that you may try to comfort your baby and speed up the healing process.

Diaper Rashes Home Care Remedies

  • Fresh air: Let your baby be diaper free as long as you can manage. This will permit the rasher skin to breathe, dry out and thus heal faster. You may put some absorbent towels below the child if you wish.
  • Cloth diapers: Buy cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are either made up of cotton, bamboo, hemp, modal or polyester which will allow the baby’s skin to breathe even when the diaper is on and are naturally resistant to bacterial growth whereas disposable diapers are made up of plastic.
  • Wash cloth wipes: Avoid using wet wipes. Instead use homemade wash cloth wipes. Just wet a wash cloth in warm water and use it to clean the diaper area followed by a dry wash cloth every time before putting on a new diaper.
  • Breast milk: One of the most efficient natural home care remedy is mother’s milk for diaper rashes. Use a couple of drops of breast milk to apply on the diaper rashes and let it dry naturally. Once dried, you may make your baby wear another diaper. (Caution: first get your pediatricians approval before trying this method)
  • Coconut oil: Apply a generous amount of virgin coconut oil to the baby’s irritated diaper rashes skin. Repeat the same every time you change diapers or you clean the diaper area of your baby. (Caution: first get your pediatricians approval before trying this method)
  • Oat meal powder: Oatmeal contains saponin and protein which are proved to have quick and safe healing effects. Grind oatmeal to fine powder form and then add a tablespoon of this powder every time to the warm water bath of your baby. You may soak the rashes part of your baby in this water for about 15-20 minutes.(Caution: first get your pediatricians approval before trying this method)
  • Shea butter: Shea butter helps to naturally support the healing process and thus reduces inflammation because it has anti-fungal properties.(Caution: first get your pediatricians approval before trying this method)
  • Egg white: Whisk an egg white and apply it generously on the diaper rashes. Follow the same every time you change your baby’s diapers. Egg white forms waterproof barriers to prevent the germs go into the sore skin.(Caution: first get your pediatricians approval before trying this method)

Most of these ingredients are readily available at home and these remedies are absolutely natural. Care should be taken to ensure that your baby is not allergic to any of those ingredients and they suit your baby’s skin before you use any of them.You do not want your baby to have allergic skin reactions. It is advisable to consult your baby’s pediatrician before trying any home remedy upon your baby.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Want to Buy Baby Diapers? Know about Diaper Rashes —Treatments

Deciding upon which baby diapers to buy online is a tough job, given the vast options available. You want to buy cheap diapers to keep your budget in check and simultaneously want the best baby diapers for your baby. Irrespective of your choice to buy baby diapers, your baby will most likely have to face a problem, which almost every baby has faced, diaper rashes.

We have already discussed about the causes of diaper rashes and the symptoms of diaper rashes. Once the causes and symptoms of diaper rashes are known, it becomes easy to spot these rashes and immediately starttreatment to heal them. Most diaper rashes are a result of skin irritation. Here, we shall discuss some treatments for diaper rashes. 

Treatments of Diaper Rashes

  • The foremost treatment of diaper rashes is prevention and precaution.
  • Use washable baby diapers.
  • Use one size fits all cloth baby diapers to ensure perfect fit of diaper on your baby.
  • Change your baby’s diapers at frequent intervals irrespective of the soil checks.
  • Use a little warm water to rinse and clean the diaper area.
  • Do not make your baby wear diapers every single second. Sometimes fresh air to that region is helpful.
  • Provide some air circulation to the diaper area at regular intervals of time, Especially when you make your baby wear disposable diapers.
  • Choose to buy baby diapers wisely. Choose one from a trusted brand.
  • Bathe your baby in a warm-water bath twice daily for 15-20 minutes.
  • Keep the skin of the diaper area clean and pat dry. 
  • Gently clean with baby wipes. Although, make sure that the wipes you choose are mild, non-fragrant and hypoallergenic.
  • Sprinkling of baby powder on the diaper area may be done to avoid sweating and thus wetting the area.
  • Use good diaper rash cream (recommended by your Pediatrician only).
  • Strictly avoid baths with high concentrations of baking soda or boric acids.

If the diaper rashes persist after 2-3 days of these treatments, it is advisable to let the pediatrician examine the baby’s diaper area for a detailed diagnosis. This is because in such cases, it is possible that that diaper rash has taken a secondary bacterial infection form.
In the last part of this blog series we shall discuss the home-care remedies to cure diaper rashes. However, if you want an immediate solution for reducing the chances of your baby having diaper rashes, shift immediately to one size fits all cloth diapers. Remember, the cries and discomforts you are removing from your baby’s life when you buy cloth diapers whether online or from local diaper store.