Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Repurposing Cloth after Potty Training

You've built up your cloth diaper stash through the years, put them to good use...and now your little one has potty trained! So, what do you do with your diapers NOW? Perhaps the most common answers are to either a) sell them or b) save them for future babies. But what if you're done having babies and don't want to/cannot sell (due to wear or personal preference)?

Cloth diapers are all about being green and preventing waste, so rather than throwing out your worn out cloth diapers, today I'm sharing some practical and fun ways that you can recycle your cloth diapers to give them an all new life- post potty training!

  • Keep Your Wet Bags. First and foremost, let's talk wet bags! The great thing about these is that they serve so many purposes well beyond cloth diapering days have passed. Take them to the beach for wet clothes! Going somewhere where the kids will get messy? Keep the mess contained! Even potty training can have its share of accidents so don't toss them out just yet!
  • Night Time Protection. Speaking of accidents, overnight accidents are not uncommon for young kids. If your child is prone to accidents overnight, you may consider keeping them in cloth-inserts and all. If it's just an occasional trickle, the waterproof diaper cover can provide a little extra protection!
  • Clean It Up. Microfiber inserts are most often used in cloth diapers because they are super absorbent... this doesn't just make them ideal for diapers, but for cleaning up too! Have a spill? Soak it up! Super crafty? Attach elastic and create reusable pads for your Swiffer-type mops!! Prefolds and flour sack towels make great cleaning rags! From home to cars to pets, old cloth diapers can keep your home sparkling clean!
  • Cloth Pads. Looking for reusable feminine hygiene options? You can reuse the materials in cloth diapers (PUL, etc) to make your own cloth feminine pads! 
  • Baby Doll Diapers. Perhaps our favorite way to reuse old diapers is to turn them into baby doll diapers!! This is especially great for newborn diapers, but can work with one size, depending in the doll as well. My daughter loves putting her pretty diapers on her baby dolls!
  • Get Crafty! Most of us cloth diapering mamas have a print or color we absolutely love, right? So again, reuse those materials to create fun works of art. Make a key chain, create a shadow box of baby memories, decoupage a Christmas ornament... the possibilities are as endless as your imagination!
Just because your cloth diapering days are ending or over, doesn't mean the fun has to end! What other ways can you reuse your cloth diapers?