Tuesday, November 1, 2016

SmartiPants: Now on Amazon!

We've had our website for years and since you all have showed us just how much you love Smartipants diapers, we're excited to announce we're now on Amazon!!! Now you can simply search "Smartipants" and we will pop up right for your shopping needs!  

Available for purchase through Amazon, we have smart liners, one pack diapers, and then three pack diapers along with our totes and pails. I love that the three packs have a handy option of "boy" or "girl" colors to make shopping quick and easy! There of course is all our thirteen colors listed in the one diaper section and of course, shopping through Amazon gives you FREE SHIPPING! 

We hope you all stop by and shop through Amazon and that the process is a breeze like we know it should be! We look forward to shipping out those Amazon orders!