Saturday, October 1, 2016

What's a Wet Bag?

Wet bags I find are an essential piece to cloth diapering, however, when you're first starting out there can be a lot of information to take in. There's a variety of bags you can use with your diapers (or just a grocery sack if you're going super cheap) and today I'll help you decide which one is best for you and your family! 
These waterproof bags make toting dirty diapers easier than ever. Store dirty diapers between laundering at home in our waterproof stink-free "Smart Pail". These are best for in the home where you can hang them in one spot until it's time to do the diaper laundry. Best of all, after dumping all diapers in to the washer, the pail goes right in with it! These pails have features like being waterproof and leak free, zippered opening for stink-free storage in-between uses, and a snap handle to allow for hanging anywhere! They're 24 inches tall by 15 inches wide and come in three color shades.
Like the Smart Pail above, these "Smart Tote" bags offer the same ease as I mentioned above, but they're a little smaller and more ideal for on the go use! These are 14 inches tall by by 13 inches wide and fit nicely in a diaper bag or even your purse when you're out and about. Some people like to carry two bags, one for clean diapers and one for dirty diapers, because they're nice and organized and kept together. If you know you'll be out of the house for several hours or going to family's, these bags are nice to keep the smell hidden while being able to have comfort in using cloth diapers outside of the home. If you have a small diaper stash you can use these in the home as well because they also offer a snap handle to hang from door knobs or what have you. 

If you're new to cloth diapering or you're trying to build up a good stash of diapers, make sure you hop on over to our website for our 24 & 36 pack of  One Size diapers. Not only do these come with a very nice bulk savings, but you also get a Tote with it!