Thursday, February 14, 2013

6 Reasons Why I Love Smartipants Pocket Diapers

6 Reasons Why I Love Smartipants Pocket Diapers

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there seems like no better way to celebrate my love of
Smartipants than to list the reasons why I love their diapers! So in no particular order, the 6 Reasons I
love Smartipants.

Bright Colors - Smartipants carries a big selection of bright and bold colors. From pink to red
and even black they are sleek and stylish. In addition they have really cute names such as Hot
Chocolate and Think Pink.

One Size – Smartipants makes their diapers with snaps in the front to adjust the size of the
diaper from small to medium and then to large. The diaper is made to fit babies from 7lbs to
35lbs. Simply adjust a few snaps and you arrive at the next size. This feature helps to save a lot
of money.

Dual Pocket Openings - Dual pocket openings are when the opening to stuff the insert in the
diaper is located both in the front and the back. If there is a diaper with poop on it, you can pull
the insert out from the front, but if the diaper only has pee, pull the insert out from the back.
This makes for easy access to the insert and allows you to stuff your diaper easier.

Crossover Snaps – If you have a skinny baby, crossover snaps will come in handy. Crossover
snaps allow for a more snug fit around the baby’s waist by overlapping the flaps of the diaper. I
used this feature a lot, especially when my son was young.

Green Stitching on Inserts – Did you ever have the problem of figuring out which diaper inserts
goes with which diaper? Smartipants adds lime green stitching around the outside of the insert
to identify the inserts. I always know that the green stitching means that the insert belongs to

Made in the USA – With many diaper brands going overseas to be made, you can rest assured
that Smartipants proudly employs and thus supports our economy here in the USA.

Contributed by: Julie