Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Now Open For Business!

Hello World!

I am so proud to announce the arrival of the most innovative one-size fits all reuseable diaper with a design so advanced we had to call them Smartipants!

Now available in a beautiful selection of 7 colors sure to please you and your baby at . Smartipants feature a sleek new design and are the easiest one-size fits all reusable diaper available. Visit our site to learn more about our innovative design, the company mission, and meet our designer. Feel free to call, email or message our Smartimom (that’s me!) I have 4 kids and over 8 years experience in cloth diapering. Ask me questions and learn more about the amazing value Smartipants can offer your family.

Our diapers were designed with you in mind. The modernization of cloth diapers has come a long way over the last few years, but we can still do better. What we need are diapers that:

- DON’T leak

- are NOT bulky

- can be used day and night

- are easy to use on the go

- are easy for use by daycares and babysitters

- do NOT require a complicated laundering routine

- are economical

- will LAST

Smartipants fit the bill! They are designed specifically to meet these needs!

Check out today to check them out. Try a Smart Start pack and be amazed at a diaper that really works! Trim, absorbent, easy- what’s not to love! Such a great deal and the Smart Start packs are discounted!

Oh did I mention that these are the best priced diapers on the market today compared to other major brands? Did I also mention that they are made completely in the USA- even the inserts? Did you know that Smartipants are backed by the best warranty in the industry? Did I tell you that smart moms everywhere are loving the simplicity of using and caring for their Smartipants?

Yup it’s all true! This is the diaper you’ve been waiting for. If you are new to cloth or a seasoned mommy, you will find that Smartipants are easy to use, easy to care for and easy to love!

Join us at and find your smart solution today!


  1. I am signed up to be a tester through I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to try these diapers out! I have a two year old in diapers and a baby due in 10 weeks. I stared CDing recently and am enjoying trying all the products out there. I LOVE the price too! Can't beat it for a brand new OS pocket! I'll be checking the mail every single day till my tester comes! :)

  2. Congratulations on launching SmartiPants! I can't wait to read the reviews and see them in action! I'm a bit full on my diaper stash but will definitely be needing more when the next baby comes along...and these seem like the perfect option!