Saturday, July 4, 2009

Is it difficult to care for cloth diapers?

Let's talk for a minute about caring for cloth diapers.
When we approach parents new to cloth diapers, often the biggest concern is laundering dirty diapers. Likely based on old fashioned diapers there is a widespread myth that reusable diapers are difficult to care for.
With Smartipants this is simply not true.

So how easy is it really?

It really is very easy. Just like Smartipants are so much easier to use than old fashioned diapers so is laundering them.

Here's the step by step in Smartipants care:

1. Remove wet or soiled diaper from your baby.
2. If diaper is only wet, place entire diaper into a pail or a waterproof laundry bag until it is time to wash a load of diapers.
3. If diaper is soiled and the waste is solid or mostly solid simply shake off as much as possible over the toilet to flush away then place entire diaper in pail or waterproof laundry bag as above.
If the waste is from an exclusively breastfed baby it can also be stored until time to launder as this particular type of waste is proven to completely disolve in the laundering process.
If the waste is a sticky or thick but not solid consistency, it it helpful to utilize a handy tool called a diaper sprayer or a handheld bidet to remove the solid waste by spraying it off of the diaper into the toilet to flush away before storing the diaper until time to launder...

...ok laundry time!

laundering your diapers is simple and helps you to save money while being environmentally responsible. A hot wash, extra rinse and tumble dry will do the trick.
Here are the do's and don'ts:

Do wash your diapers with their inserts still inside- there is no need to touch the wet or soiled insert with Smartipants. They will separate in the washing process on their own.
Do wash in hot or warm water using a small amount of detergent.
Don't use natural soap products or detergent with heavy perfumes or dyes as this can have an adverse effect on the high performance fabrics your Smartipants are made from.
Don't add any kind of fabric softener to the wash or dryer cycle as this will cause your diaper to repel liquids.
Do use your favorite dye free, perfume free laundry detergent as long as it does not contain optical brighteners.
Do use a small amount of detergent, just enough to clean the diapers, more is not better.
Do thoroughly rinse your diapers to remove any residue of detergent.
Do tumble dry your diapers or line dry them.
Do place any stains in direct sunlight to remove the stain.
Place your clean dry insert back into the Smart Sleeve and you're ready to go!

Modern reusable diapers require only a few additional steps to reuse again and again saving families money with every diaper change. Overall, laundering your Smartipants is a process that becomes easier and easier with time. In the end you will have saved over a TON of waste from a landfill for each baby you've used your Smartipants diapers on!

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