Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cloth Part Time? Of Course!!

"I know cloth diapering can save a ton of money, BUT I can't do it. Our daycare won't allow it. We travel too much. It just won't work for us."

Does this sound like you? Or perhaps someone you know? It's a complaint that I have heard far too often. People love the idea of cloth diapers, but just cannot see how cloth diapering full time can fit into their schedule or their lifestyle. And for those who depend on others to provide childcare during anytime during their child's day, this is a very real concern.

But who says it has to be all or nothing?

Why can't cloth diapering be only part time? Why can't you do both? Today I'm sharing how cloth diapering part time can STILL be beneficial.

You'll STILL Save Money.
One of the greatest advantages of cloth diapering is the money saving benefit. With cloth, you buy one time and you're done. Those same diapers are used over and over until it's time for potty training or your little one outgrows them. With part time diapering, you will still have to buy more disposables of course, BUT you'll go through them more slowly and have to buy them less often. Using cloth when you can will allow you to stretch that diaper budget further. And because you aren't using cloth full time, you will also need a smaller stash than those doing it full time, so your startup cloth costs will be less as well. Will you save as much money as you would cloth diapering full time? No. But when it comes to stretching your budget, every little bit helps...and this one can help a lot!

You'll Create Less Waste.
Again, another big advantage of using cloth is that you will create less waste to wind up in landfills. Much like part time cloth diapering will give some of the money saving benefits, it will also help to reduce your waste as well. This is again another area where even lessening the impact can make a huge difference.

You Have the Fun of Cloth.
These other reasons are much more practical, but let's be honest...cloth diapering can be kinda fun too! You can buy fun prints and colors and come up with cute outfits to perfectly coordinate with those diapers. Just because you cannot cloth diaper full time does not mean you should miss out on the fun of all the time.

You Can Customize It To Your Needs.
Like I said, cloth diapering truly doesn't have to be all or nothing.... even for the full time stay at home mom. You can pick and choose when and where to use cloth and when to choose disposable instead. Maybe you have to use disposable at daycare, but choose to use cloth every time you are home- day and night. Perhaps you choose to use cloth most of the time, but keep disposable for travel and overnight. Maybe dad or grandma has a hard time with cloth, so you opt to use disposable when they're in charge and cloth when you're managing changes. Choosing to use cloth only part time truly opens up a world of options that allow you to customize your little one's diapering needs to best fit your life. It's the best of both worlds.

Are you a part time cloth user? What other benefits have you found?

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