Thursday, January 10, 2013

Diaper Sprayers!

Today I am going to talk about diaper sprayers. 

I have to admit that I did not have a diaper sprayer for the first year and a half that I cloth diapered.  I thought it wasn't that bad not having a diaper sprayer to be honest.  But then when I got one, my whole life changed.  Nothing is easier than having a diaper sprayer!  It is just bam!  Done!  

When I didn't have a diaper sprayer I had to dunk, swish, rub, shake and all that good stuff.  I might have stood on my head at one point haha.  But in all reality, diaper sprayers really help everyone.  

Not only do they get the messes out, but I also use them on overnight diapers.  Because your child is in that diaper for so long (sometimes up to 12 hours for babies that sleep all night) I like to spray out that pee too.  Why might you ask?  Because it is already getting to be old pee.  The longer the pee sits, the more it stinks!  So, that is why I spray those.

On top of it all, I also use the diaper sprayer for my cloth menstrual pads.  I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE doing the wet pail.  I think it is SOOOOO gross!  I know that is what is recommended, but if you use the diaper sprayer and spray them down until the water runs clear, you don't have to do a wet pail for them :-)   SO much easier, in my opinion.

There is ONE con to diaper sprayers though.  That is the mess.  You know, when you don't angle the diaper just right and the water comes right for your face...and you probably, knowing the luck of moms, have your mouth open right at that same second....yeah...I am sure you can get what I am saying from there.  So seriously, I found an EASY solution to that one.  All you do is instead of pressing all the way down on the diaper sprayer, only hold it about half way down.  Or, if you are scared still, flush the toilet then will automatically reduce pressure because it is also filling up the toilet.  Oh, and of course, always keep your mouth closed lol.  

To sum it all up, in my opinion, a diaper sprayer is definitely a must have for cloth diapering!  Until next time....

Contributed by: Nicole

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