Monday, December 31, 2012

How to Have HAPPY Fluffy Holidays

Cloth diapering during the hustle and bustle of this magical holiday season can seem extremely daunting. Shopping through crowds, wrapping gifts, preparing meals and goodies, making drives to visit family can make you wonder HOW you’re going to do it all and make sure you get that extra wash of cloth diapers in. 

You CAN do it!

 My first tip is to be prepared. Long lines at stores= longer shopping trips. Make sure before you leave the home that your diaper bag is armed with the essentials. Diapers, wipes, wet bag, etc. When you get home from shopping trips, make sure to restock your bag immediately that way it’s ready to go next time you leave. 

Second, if you’ll be at home during the holidays, try starting your diaper wash first thing in the morning on wash days. That way if you do forget about the diaper during the stress of entertaining, you have more opportunities to remember and get it done. For me, nothing is worse than starting a wash a night and remembering halfway through the next day that I had started a wash the day before! Oops! Also try setting reminders on your phone to remind you to start a rinse, or take the diapers out. 

Traveling is a bit harder. For me, I have to outweigh the pros and cons. I love our cloth and try our very hardest to travel with cloth when possible. If I’m only leaving for a day or two, I’ll take a large wetbag and store the dirty diapers there until I can take them home to wash. [Remember, it isn’t recommended for your diapers to go more than 3 days without washing]. If it is a longer trip, I have to take more things into account- Will family let me use their washer? If the answer is no, or it will cause drama, I will try looking into other options- such as biodegradable inserts for my cloth for covers or hybrid diapers. Am I traveling by car or plane? If I’m flying and have limited baggage space, that will greatly affect my choice. In the past when traveling by plane, I’ve taken hybrid covers and had biodegradable inserts mailed to where I would be staying. That worked out great! I’m going to be realistic and say sometimes it is not always possible to travel with cloth- or it IS possible, but personally you’d rather just buy a pack of disposables and wait til you get home to use them. Don’t beat yourself up over it. You’re still saving money and your cloth will still be there when you get home.  

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Contributed by: Alex

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