Monday, December 17, 2012

Cloth Diapers, Holidays OH my!

The Holidays are here; it’s a fun time to be with friends and family. We tend to be really busy shopping, attending Christmas parties, getting together with friends and family. And even though these days are busy it doesn’t mean that our whole routine of cloth diapering our little ones has to change. Some may choose disposable diapers because it’s just easier and you throw away, if you go this route there is no judgment being passed. I will say that Cloth diapers are just the same except your saving your money and using it on more Christmas gifts this year. Actually if anything you should want to use cloth diapers around the holidays for the comfort ability of them, rash free and of course cute baby pictures of your little with fluff on their bum. 

I think the best way to handle cloth diapering your baby is really just thinking of the benefits that come with it. Why would you change what works normally for you and believe is the BEST thing for your baby because of the holidays? It really doesn’t make any sense right? Some may say using disposable is a break from cloth diaper routine wash. Quite honestly I don’t find doing dirty diaper laundry being a hassle so this not a problem for me.  I would just work around the schedule and you should be fine. Some tips on making it easier to cloth diaper could be having your pockets stuffed and ready to go, maybe even having some all in one diapers. Having a wet bag or diaper pail on stand by just having everything organized that way when you have your friends and family over your all set to fight some poopy diapers. And always remember to stay calm!

How do you handle cloth diapering your little one(s) during the holidays? Do you have any tips or tricks?

Contributed by: Pollyanna

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