Monday, November 26, 2012

Pollyanna talks about her diaper stash

I am always very intrigued to see what other mamas have in their stash. There is so many brands and different types of cloth diapers, and not all work for each baby. I have tried many brands of cloth diapers and my stash shows what is in my current rotation some diapers are not in the photos because they are in the wash. (It's hard to get a stash shot of everything since I wash every other day I think the only way to get a good one is when baby has a rash.) 

So here is what I started with 12 bum-genius diapers and worked my way up to 12 more. I have also worked my way up on smartipants I love these for the fact that they are super easy to use. Stuffing them is easier then any pocket diaper I have tried having to not deal with PUL exposed is amazing. I love these two different pocket diapers for the simple fact that I have used these since Ashton was 2 mths old which is when we started cloth diapering him till now at 1 yr old. We don't have diaper blowouts which is something very important not only that but also their prices are affordable for a good quality diaper. 
Another favorite are my Ragababe diapers these come in an AIO and a 2-step making it an AI2 diaper these are neat for the fact that AIO is ready to go no stuffing at all. Their 2- step are awesome because you can reuse the shell more then once if baby went #1 :) all you have to do is replace the inserts. 

I also have old fashion pre-folds and flats that I use when my son has a rash or when I want to air his bum out along with fleece covers at night time. I do have other brands of diapers that are not pictured here. Just because they are not our current rotation diapers meaning we only use them if we are out of the ones we normally use. I love my pocket diapers and AIO they are easy for me and my husband to use. 

What type of cloth diaper do you like on your baby? How many diapers do you have in your stash? 

Contributed by: Pollyanna

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