Monday, November 19, 2012

Confessions of an Addict

Have you ever wondered what other people have in their cloth diaper stash? Curious as to whether you qualify as a complete addict? Or do you think you’re addicted and turns out that you actually have a very modest stash?
While I personally don’t think I have too many diapers, I did decide to let you see just how many we
have and what works best for our family. I tried to get all of our diapers pictured, but since we will have TWO in diapers by the time this post is live, I was only able to get about 75% pictured.

In the picture above are all of our clean OS pocket diapers. You’ll notice that we have quite a few and
that they are by a wide variety of brands. I’m not sure as to the exact number that we have, but here
are my best estimates:

4 SmartiPants
25 Rumparooz
4 Happy Heiny’s
1 BumGenius
1 FuzziBunz
5 PinkSeamstresses’ Sewing Room
14 Kawaii
4 Blueberry
As you can tell, pocket diapers are what works best for our family 95% of the time. However, there are times when other styles work well too.

In this picture you’ll see all AIO diapers. These are the easiest diapers for grandparents and babysitters since they are so similar to modern day disposables. We have 3 Swaddlebees and 4 Tots Bots.

As you can see, these are not the most popular style of diaper in our stash, but they are the most

In this picture we have our diaper covers and our prefolds. We tend to go through a lot of prefolds in
this house, simply because my son needs a prefold and regular pads for naps/bedtime because he is
such a heavy wetter. Here’s how our diaper covers breakdown:

1 Franklin Goose
3 Wolbybug
2 Thirsties
12 Econobum prefolds
Finally a little sneak peek into my new diapers stash:
My newborn daughter is all ready with a few mini diapers just for her. Here’s what her personal stash
looks like:

8 Lil Joeys
2 Grovia
4 WAHM diapers

Ok, now that you’ve seen my entire stash, which according to my best guess consists of 65 OS diapers, 6 diaper covers, 12 prefolds and 14 newborn diapers, what do you think? For having two children under 16 months I’d say I need every last one of my diapers :)

Contributed by: Katy

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