Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Cloth Diapering Journey

Today I am going to write a little bit about my journey through cloth diapering. Like I said, I started because of my son having an allergy to the disposable diapers. Soon after I found that, I went online and just purchased the first cloth diapers I found, Bum Genius. I purchased 12 of them and just ran with it. I really didn’t want to cloth diaper at all. I was a first time mom with a limited budget. Not only that, we didn’t even have a washer and drier…but I sucked it up for my kid.


As soon as the diapers came in the mail, I was surprised! They were SUPER cute! I packed up my son and all the new diapers and went up to my husband’s nanny’s house to wash them. As soon as they were all prepped, I put them on. I will admit, I thought they looked amazing on him, but I was still super confused. I never did my research, I just bought. I didn’t even understand the one sized feature. I mean, if you saw that first diaper that I put on, you would have laughed your butt off at me. The insert was just laying on the inside instead of being in the pocket, the middle was snapped down to small, one side to medium, and the other was just left unsnapped. I had NO clue.


I decide to get on the computer and start researching at that point. About 10 minutes later I had an AHA! Moment. Cloth diapering was NOT hard at all. It was just trying to figure it all out. After I saw how the one size diaper feature worked and the insert went INSIDE the diaper, I was good to go. Until….it happened….the first poop. Ohhh goodness!!!! I half flipped out!!! Thank goodness I was still at my hubby’s nanny’s house because I didn’t know what to do with the poop! She showed me how to just turn the diaper upside-down and the poop comes off. She then placed the diaper in the shower and turned on the shower on cold (she said if you do hot right away, that is what sets in the stains). And the diaper was then poop free.


Well, all this was great…and it lasted for about 3-4 months going this way. Then, I decided…this is gross…I do NOT want poop being rinsed out in my shower!!! So we got a diaper sprayer…and now cue addiction. My stash started growing like CRAZY after we got the diaper sprayer. I was no longer scared of the diapers, I wanted one of EVERYTHING. My world started being centered around how I could bring this to everyone. I started up my blog, Nicki’s Cloth Diaper Reviews (I changed the name recently to Nicki, The Eval Gal). I also started up being a cloth diaper advocate in my area. Heck, we MOVED because of cloth diapers so I could have a washer and drier lol.


I am happy to report that now, my blog is still going strong, we now have (gulp) 73 diapers, I am starting up a cloth diapering class in my area, AND I am hosting The Great Cloth Diaper Change in my area (of course with the wonderful help from my friend Katy). Oh, and I now sew my own diapers on top of it to feed my addiction when there is a lack of funds haha.


That is my journey (obviously in short mode). As you can see, I am just a mom, who went to the drs with her son one day to have her world completely changed for the better from that one appointment!


Contributed by : Nicole


Nicole is mother of two beautiful children. Her children are 2 ½ years old and 4 months old. She started cloth diapering when her oldest was 8 months old due to an allergy and she is so happy with cloth diapers that she will never go back to disposables.


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  1. I am LOLing over your gross out of the poop! Thank you for the chuckles! :-)