Monday, March 26, 2012

Is it hard to be a first time cloth diaperer?

First time Cloth Diapering for parents can be a tough job, especially not knowing what to really expect. For starters, there are a variety of Diaper brands to choose from, but which is “THE ONE”? After doing a lot of researching I found myself writing down all the cloth diapers brands I would be interested in. After taking another look at my listI was still left with a lot of brands to choose from. So I decided I wouldn’tsettle on one I would try all of them. I have tried several diapers, thanks to websites like, Facebook Groups that provide Buy/ Sell/ Trade options for parents to do just that. You try out your cloth diapers and if you don’t like them well you either didn’t spend that much on them and you can then turn around and trade or sell the diaper. So it’s a win-win situation!

I believe that cloth diapering can be affordable with prefolds/ flats and covers, and slowly adding on to yourstash, I also know that not every one is fortunate to have a washer/dryer or go to the laundry mat every other day so unfornutaly that’s why some parents choose disposables which is one of the bad things of cloth diapering you need these essentials to make cloth diapering work.

I personally don't think there's anything hard about cloth diapering; I think it's what you make of it and how you go about it. Dealing with poop diapers is really easy you really don’t touch it though there are times that those things can happen, but hey there are always gloves when spraying/ dunking your diapers and that should do it.

Cloth diapering can get a little dicey when the stinks, ammonia and build up arise it can be a bit frustrating because you find yourself not knowing what do to, this might not be the case for other parents but for myself it was. I was experiencing that strong ammonia smell and I was just second guessing myself on everything so there will come a time in your cloth diapering years where you will reach a challenging situation and you’ll think “ok now what”? Don’t worry there is a solution to everything just take a deep breath in and research, there is a lot of information out there on cloth diapers!

I hope that my input will help parents out there in the Cloth Diapering World.

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Contributed by: Pollyanna
Pollyanna is happily married to a US Navy Sailor, a stay at home mom to Adryana who is 5 yrs old, and Ashton who is 4 mths old. She started cloth diapering Ashton this year as of January 1, 2012 and she is so happy she did. She has only been cloth diapering for coming on 3 months now so if you're new to cloth diapering too feel free to leave a coment here and ask her a questions or visit her blog at Sew Fatty.


  1. Complrtely right about 'it's what you make of it.'
    Too many people come into it closed minded and say its horrible, when it's actually the exact opposite.

  2. For me the hardest part were the nay sayers, "Let's see how long THAT lasts. You'll get tired of all that laundry." Frustrating!!

  3. I would say that there is a learning curve to cloth diapers. Finding the right fit and absorbency can take a bit of time. But, once you get the hang of it, cloth diapering is not that hard at all:)

  4. We were so happy when we first got our cloth... everything was going great and then suddenly my son got the worst diaper rash. I couldn't figure it out then i gave my "clean" diapers a good smell and oh my... they ammonia build up! I started crying. My poor baby had ammonia burns! I was ready to give up. I called the cloth diaper store freaking out and they were so kind and helpful. I took a bit to get a good wash routine down but we r back to happily cloth diapering our LO. I biggest piece of advice to any new cloth diapering momma is to never give up! :)

  5. I agree there is definitely a learning curve. It helps if you have someone who knows the ropes so you can ask them for help, but otherwise it was a lot of experimentation for me. I still get people who say I am not going to keep doing this with all of my kids :) I have been cloth diapering for 4 years. Yeah I think I am hooked

  6. I agree with Sarah Jane! The hardest part for me right now is hearing everyone in my family say I can't do it!

  7. This was so good to read! We're making the switch and I'm preparing myself for the learning curve ahead. I know once we go, we'll never look back! Thanks for the info and advice.