Monday, June 2, 2014

Transitioning from Newborn Cloth to One Size Diapers

The Smarti Pants newborn diapers were my favorite newborn diapers during those short early weeks my son fit into them. Unfortunately that glorious honeymoon of a newborn phase doesn't last long. My son was out of newborn diapers in a month, and has continued to chunk up ever since. I tried one of the one size Smarti Pants diapers on my older son, to see if they were as magical in bigger sizes. Sadly they weren't as awesome as the newborn ones, but still were great for the toddler.
10307360_10202930572724397_2763097683843000468_n Smarti Pants one size diapers are your average cloth diaper, without frills. The low price of $14.95 it is a great deal compared to a lot of other, more expensive diapers. The Smarti Pants costs more than a china cheapie, but that extra few dollars shows in the durability of the snaps and pul. Months later, the diaper is still bright, and the snaps are strong and secure. I've had china cheapies break the first wash, so a few dollars really is worth it.

 the main difference between smarti pants and other diapers is the smart sleeve pocket, which is open at both ends. this is a great feature for my husband who still, years after we started using cloth, forgets to unstuff the diapers once in a while. nothing is worse than folding laundry to discover a diaper with a wadded up insert still in it. the smart sleeve allows the insert to agitate itself out during the wash. unfortunately it also means there is nowhere to secure the insert in when im putting the diaper on the babies to ensure it isnt peeking out the diaper. for this reason i keep the smarti pants on the toddler, so i dont need to adjust the rise and shorten the diaper for the baby. 10356282_10202930573524417_469316629354338409_n all in all this is a great diaper for the price, even though the smart sleeve can be a double edge sword. if i wasnt trying to speed change the baby to make sure the toddler doesnt get into anything i would be able to take the time to make sure the insert isnt peeking out the back of the baby, so i blame that issue on user error!

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