Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Randi's Cloth Stash

It's a question that is often heard being asked by one cloth diapering mom to another:

What's in YOUR stash?

When we started cloth diapering, it started with a very modest stash. For the newborn stage, we worked with twenty-four pocket diapers. We knew she wouldn't be in those long, so we stuck with one type and hoped for the best. Once she made the move into one size diapers-at around 4 weeks old- we started experimenting a little more. We purchased some pockets, some covers and inserts...a little bit of everything. As a blogger, I was also lucky enough to have the chance to review many varieties and brands to find what worked best for us. Now that my daughter has turned nine months old, we've finally gotten a good feel of what works best for her and our cloth diapering needs and just finished completely overhauling our stash to reflect that. Here's what our stash looks like now:

All-in-Twos/ Covers & Inserts
The majority of our stash is made up of covers and inserts. We found this system works great for us...it's budget friendly, we can adjust the absorbency and makes for less laundry. We also travel semi-frequently to visit families 3 hours away so these pack up more compactly for travel. (Of course, there is also the option of disposable inserts though we usually just borrow a washer!) They do take a little more effort at diaper changing times, but I change 99% of my daughter's diapers and I don't mind! Our current stash consists of 21 covers and a TON on various inserts and flour sack towels.


Though covers tend to be our preferred choice, pockets are great too. They still give us that option of adjusting the absorbency as needed, but are a little easier at diaper changing time, making them more daddy/grandma friendly. We have 10 pockets. One of our absolute favorites is her custom designed Frozen diaper!


To round out the stash, we have the absolute easiest option- the all in ones. They are probably our least preferred only because the lack of options when it comes to adjusting absorbency, but I love this particular kind for their fast dry time. They are another fantastic option for the non-cloth-diapering diaper changer since they are ready to go no prep work needed. We have just 5 all in ones.


And to finish it off, we have an assortment of much needed accessories- extra inserts for added absorbency, wet bags, wet bags, wet bags (you can NEVER have too many), and of course, cloth wipes!

Overall, our stash is a great fit for us...It gives us the great versatility and ease of all in twos that I personally love, while still having those easier to use options for anyone else (or when I'm in a rush!). It is the perfect stash for my daughter...for now!

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