Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Miranda talks about 2 children in cloth!

One of my favorite parts of cloth diapering is the ability to use the diapers I used for one child to diaper subsequent children. Before I had baby3.0 it was a great plan in my head, but it wasn't until he was born and I actually started diapering him that I fell in love with cloth all over again. One of the biggest expenses with babies is diapers and I didn't have to buy any with the new baby, nor will I ever have to! Talk about getting your moneys worth and saving money!

Some people looked at me like I was crazy diapering two in cloth, and remarked about how much wash I would end up having to do. I'm pretty sure they are the same people who said cloth would be too much wash when I was doing it for just one baby, but I don't do any more laundry now than I did before baby3.0 was born. I was still needing to do a load a day with just one in cloth, whether it was diaper laundry or clothes, and I still only have to do one load a day.

I'm not too sure how typical my cloth experience is for two in cloth; I had (and have) a huge stash of diapers, and I could go days between needing to wash for just toddler2.0. Even now with two in cloth I could do diapers every other day without running out. I have about 60 diapers, so I would have that as my recommendation for anyone planning on diapering two at the same time! Even my old diaper bag (a Vera Bradley) holds enough for the two of them, but I also don't leave the house for long! I'm pleasantly surprised at really how little having two in cloth has changed my regular routine.

Contributed by: Miranda

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