Friday, May 16, 2014

Using Cloth Swim Diapers

Whether you cloth diaper full-time or just part-time, one of the easiest forms of cloth diapers is cloth swim diapers! Why? Because they're basically just like their disposable cousins, but way better for your baby, the environment, and your wallet! clothswim Both disposable swim diapers and cloth swim diapers are made to keep in solid waste. They both let liquids pass through. Think about it - if the disposable swim diapers collected liquids, they would swell up like regular disposables do in the water! Other than the fact that you wash the cloth version, they’re basically the same thing! There are cloth swim diapers that are marketed as such - most are sized, to give the best and trimmest fit on babies [since they are often put under swimsuits]. Some are pull-on style and others are similar to regular cloth diapers, with aplix or snap closures. But you don't technically have to have a "cloth swim diaper". You can always use a cloth diaper cover or shell has your swim diaper. You should be careful as prolonged exposure to chlorinated water can break down PUL so if you choose to go this route, I would use the same shell for your swim diaper rather than using a variety in your stash.

 Another great idea is to use a cloth diaper that may have already delaminated. Since you don't need the swim diaper to be leak-proof, it's a great way to use a diaper that you might otherwise think you need to throw out! No matter what type of cloth swim diaper you decide to use, make sure you have a nice, snug fit around the legs as you don't want any leaks!

Do you use Cloth Swim Diapers? Did you purchase a "Swim Diaper" or use something else?

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