Monday, April 21, 2014

Miranda talks about SmartiPants Newborn Diapers

most newborns (breastfed at least, not sure about formula fed) gain about half a pound a week. baby3.0 was 6 pounds 7 ounces when he was born (and 6 lbs 2 oz when we went home) so i figured it would be much longer until he outgrew the newborns diapers. of course i have super boobs and he has gained a pound a week. the diapers were sooo cute and tiny, and although i gave them away already (yes, you can resell them but im lazy) i did keep one or two just to remember how small my babies were...
  smartipants AiO newborn cloth diapers were the ones i used most, and were my favorite ones. the velcro made for easy on and easy off during the zillion changes a day we do, and made middle of the night changes so much easier than toddler2.0 and his snaps were. i changed every two hours, and never had a leak until the very end when baby3.0 was beginning to get to the limit for the diaper weight. smartipants are made to fit babies 5-12 pounds, but around 10 pounds i started getting the leaks. the only downside i saw for them was the front goes straight across without a spot for the cord. i didnt start this part of the process until after the cord fell off, but i know many people who start immediately and that detail would be a factor. for $17.95 they are a little pricey for my cheap self when the baby will only use them a short time, but comparatively they are the same price or lower than other newborn diapers. i really did like them for the time they fit, and am going to try out some of the smartipants one size diapers now that we outgrew the newborns!

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