Monday, April 7, 2014

Taking a look at Lindsey's Cloth Stash

After using cloth diapers for over 3.5 years… I have finally built my perfect cloth diapers stash. I admit – it took a long time {3.5 years!}, a lot of trial and error, testing and reviewing, selling and buying, washing and sunning, but we're here and all that work was worth it.

 Actually, our cloth diapers stash is ever changing. I am constantly finding new favorites - finding diapers that worked well during crawling stages, but for an older toddler just don't cut it. I get lazy and only want to use AIO's so I don't have to stuff, then my daughter will start needing more absorbency so I adjust my stash to more Pockets. It's a crazy cycle keeping up a cloth diapers stash but it sure is fun!

 After lots of experience with using cloth diapers, I've found that these are the diapers that I absolutely prefer. Since my stash changes so often too, it's quite telling when a diaper sticks around for a long time. There is one diaper, that has been in my stash the longest, and you shouldn't be surprised that it's that Fire Engine Red Smarti Pants Cloth Diaper!

 I don't save many cloth diapers – if they're not in the current rotation, I usually sell them to get something that works better. But my Smarti Pants went through both girls and I am ecstatic to finally have been adding more Smarti Pants to our Perfect Stash!

So, how's that for a cloth diapers stash? What does your stash look like? Does it change often or remain constant?

Lindsey is the author behind the So Easy Being Green blog. Once she decided to use cloth diapers on her children, she started making green-er choices in all areas of her life. SEBG is a resource for parents who want to make small changes that will make a big impact on their path to a green-er life.

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