Monday, February 24, 2014

Miranda's Love for Cloth!


There are so many reasons and things to love about cloth. they are eco friendly. they are cute. they work so much better than sposies. they keep yucky chemicals off my baby's bum. my all time favorite thing about cloth? their reusable nature! when i started cloth diapering toddler2.0 it was not one of my top reasons, or even one of my reasons at all. the thought of being able to use them for another child hadnt entered my mind. after all i had just had a baby, i wasnt planning on a third quite yet!
as soon as we found out we were expecting belly3.0, the hand me down ability of cloth diapers became one of my favorite things about my massive stash. while calming babe down from his utter panic over the cost of another baby and being outnumbered before we had originally planned, i pointed out we wouldnt need diapers at least! all those cute fluffy diapers we had been using with toddler2.0 were perfectly fine, and would also be able to be used on the newest member of the family. of course i didnt get into the minor detail of being able to use them once the baby was 10 pounds, but i handled the newborn stash later.
because we cloth diaper, preparing for baby has been so much easier than i see other friends who dont cloth diaper. while some would lament how we would just be getting one out of diapers (haha no end in sight, hes only 21 months now) and be starting with another one, i think of it as a great investment. no slowing stocking up on diapers before baby gets here to be prepared since we have them. no need for a "sprinkle" or diaper party... we have them! after belly3.0 arrives and is eventually finished using his/her hand me down diapers, they will still have their resale value and continue to be cost effective!

Contributed by: Miranda

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