Monday, February 10, 2014

One (or more) Things I Love About Cloth Diapers

February is the month of Love. Why not share some of my favorite things I love about using cloth diapers.

• Cloth Diapers save you money – the average baby can use up to $2000 worth of disposable diapers before they are potty trained. Cloth Diapers can cut your cost significantly. Plus you don’t have to make any midnight runs to the store!

• Cloth Diapers are eco-friendly – disposable diapers will sit in landfills for many years before they break down where as cloth diapers can be reused for many years to come.

• Cloth Diapers are super cute – with the modern cloth diaper comes many styles, colors, prints, closures, and even ruffles!

• Cloth Diapers help to prevent leaks and blowouts – I have found that cloth diapers, when used properly will hold in leaks and blowouts better than disposables.

• Cloth Diapers have no chemicals – cloth diapers do not contain chemicals that will be in contact with your baby’s skin for hours at a time. They are all natural. 

• Cloth Diapers can be used on multiple children – this can make the cost savings skyrocket when you use your cloth diapers on multiple babies. Be sure to keep your diapers clean and store them properly when not in use. 

• Cloth Diapers can be sold after use providing additional cost savings – if you are done with your cloth diapers, you can sell them back for up to 90% of your cost depending on the wear and use. Not bad!

What do you love about using cloth diapers??

Contributed by: Julie

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