Monday, October 29, 2012

Family and cloth diapers

After finding out I was pregnant with my son. I started doing a lot of researching for baby things I would love to get for my soon to come baby. One of those things was cloth diapers as soon as I read about them I was intrigued and wanted to do something different, something I had not done with my daughter. After talking to my mother about it, I learned she also wanted to cloth diaper me as a baby but didn't do it because it was too expensive for her at the time after learning that from my mother knew I had her support not to mention my husband who was excited about the idea, yet not really knowing how I was going to go about it. Since this was new for us, my parents bought my son his first 12 bum genius one size pocket diapers in snaps. When we received them in the mail and having them in our hands we were just in "Aw" of them didn't really know what they felt like since ordering the online. We started off with 12 and soon branched out to other brands like Smartipants and a few others some worked some didn't on my son. My husband currently is used to pocket diapers in snaps, he doesn't change a lot of dirty diapers but when he does he does it gladly. Then again the diapers have always been stuffed for him so not sure how he would act if not being stuffed :)  The best part of cloth diapering that he loves is the fact that cloth diapers is better for our son as he does have very sensitive skin. We have saved a lot money just in one year so far. I think the least thing that he likes about cloth diapering is opening up the dirty diaper pail sometimes. Other then that he is my #1 supporter along with my mother and other family members that don't really know how it works but support me through it. Which is huge for me!! 

Who is your support system? 

Stay tuned for next month ill be showing my stash... 

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