Monday, September 17, 2012

Confessions of a Fluff-aholic with Katy

I’ll admit it. I’m addicted to cute fluff for my precious baby boy and daughter-to-be. But there are worse things in life than being addicted to cloth diapers, right? Right!
It started off innocently enough. My husband and I decided before our son was ever born that one-size, pocket diapers were probably the most cost-efficient way to go. We bought the recommended amount of diapers for washing every other day (around 24) and set off on our cloth-diapering journey. After using the cloth diapers on our son for a few weeks I decided that just one or two more cute diapers really wouldn’t break the bank and would be totally worth it.
That was the beginning of the end.
Since my son was born our stash has more than doubled. Our diaper stash still consists of primarily one size, pocket diapers, but we have also tried sized diapers, prefolds with covers, aio’s and ai2’s. My son doesn’t go to daycare, but spends lots of time with his grandparents, so I thought a list of everybody’s favorites (and why!) might be kind of cool.

  • Mommy’s favorite: AIO’s with snaps because I’ve been able to convince other people to try cloth diapering once they’ve seen how easy it is
  • Daddy’s favorite: Pocket diapers with snaps because we have gotten some custom embroidered with Batman, Spiderman and Green Lantern on the tushie
  • Grandmother’s favorite: Prefolds with covers because that’s what she used when she cloth diapered 20+ years ago
  • Grandfather’s favorite: Pocket diapers with snaps because he knows how to get them on and off
  • Great-Grandmother’s favorite: AIO’s, AI2’s, and/or pockets as long as they have hook and loop closure because it’s easier to get on a wiggly baby

Even though we now have a pretty diverse fluff stash, and we all have our own favorites, everybody in the family still usually picks a pocket diaper just for ease of use. That being said, what works really well for our family may not work for yours, so I totally encourage you to buy one or maybe three of each style of diaper so you can test them out :)
Contributed by: Katy
I'm a tech geek turned Eco-friendly mommy by the absolute adorableness of cloth diapers.  My son has been in cloth diapers since the day he came home from the hospital and I wouldn't have it any other way.  One of my favorite pastimes includes showing off my son's cute, fluffy butt.

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