Friday, April 28, 2017

Things to keep in mind when travelling with Washable Cloth Diapers

Baby diaper covers works wonders when a bold and responsible mother decides to use washable cloth diapers for her baby while travelling. Using cloth diapers while travelling may be a glitch to mothers for one reason and that is availability of washing facility. But if the travel plan is researched and planned properly, then there is no need for mothers to shift their kids from cloth diapers to disposable diapers even temporarily. 

Here are a few things to be kept in mind when travelling with your baby for cloth diapering.

Duration of Travel: If your travel plan is merely for a weekend then you just might store all the dirty diapers and baby diaper covers in a diaper pail for cloth diapers and then upon returning wash them. But if your stay is for more than 2-3 days then it is advisable to rinse these dirty diapers.

Laundry Facilities: To the hotel or rental property in which you have done your bookings, you should ask about availability of laundry services for washing cloth diapers. If you are visiting family, it is highly advisable to ask them in advance about your requirements of washing dirty cloth diapers in their washing machine. No matter how funny it sounds, some people can be really fussy about it. All you need is a good detergent and availability of hot water.

Stock: Keep those many diapers as you would need for 2 days plus a few more, just for precautions. Also normally, one baby diaper cover would be enough throughout the day for your baby. But for travelling, buy the best diaper cover with absorbency technology and keep a stock of few baby diaper covers to ensure zero leakage during travel. Washing and cleaning up the mess is the last thing you would want to do while travelling. 

Detergent: Carry your routine detergent, which you use to wash your baby’s diaper cover and cloth diapers regularly. You need not carry the entire box of detergent. Just calculate the total travel duration and divide it by 2. This many times, on an average, you will be laundering. So carry the required amount of detergent accordingly. One or two spoonfuls of extra detergent would be ideal.

Well, that is about it! Just take care of the above things and you are ready to travel anywhere in the world with your baby. Happy vacations!

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