Sunday, April 30, 2017

4 Cloth Diaper Accessories Which Prove To Be The Best Baby Shower Gifts

Baby shower ceremony is held to honor the would-be mother and her child. In today’s world, budget planning even for a newborn in the family is must and for that, cloth diapers are ideal. Care should be taken by the parents to mention clearly in their invite about their choice of cloth diapering for their baby. This helps the loved ones in choosing the right type of cloth diapers and its accessories for gifting purpose. 

Here are 4 cloth diaper accessories which when given as gifts in baby showers, would be loved and cherished by the would-be-mother. 

  1. Cloth diapers: yes, you heard it correct. If you are an experienced mother, then why not use your expertise and gift the best cloth diapers. Although every child is different and has different needs to be catered to, still your expertise and experience can come in handy for any new mom. So use it. If you are not a mother, then you can always ask advice from friends and colleagues about the same. A group of friends together can also buy cloth diapers in bulk and thus create a stash for the new mom and save your selves dollars at the same time.
  2. Cloth diaper covers: this is one of the best-utilized cloth diaper accessories. You can just buy a single cloth diaper cover or a set of 3-6 cloth diaper covers depending upon your budget for gifting purpose. For convenience, buying one size fits all cloth diaper covers is like safe gifting. The adjustable straps ensures perfect fitting irrespective of the size of the baby and also can be used for longer duration.
  3. Cloth Diaper Pail: This is an absolute requirement for all the cloth diapering moms. Amongst other cloth diaper accessories, cloth diaper pail is one such accessory, which is not needed in bulk. Just 1 or 2 will suffice till the baby is potty trained. They come in handy for all the new moms till they figure out the cleaning process of dirty cloth diapers.
  4. Cloth diaper storage tote: If you are not one of those friends who would just think about utility of the gift but also the looks, then this cloth diaper accessory is ideal for gifting by you. Find a trendy yet usable cloth diaper tote which makes a fashion statement wherein the mother can store fresh or dirty diapers.

Gifting cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories in baby showers is not just the trend now, but also a great utility. And if all the guests invited for the baby shower party know each other, then surprising the to-be mother with an entire cloth diapering basket wherein all these cloth diaper accessories are present would be ideal.

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