Friday, March 3, 2017

Advantages of One Size Diaper Covers

The importance of diaper covers during the diapering stage of a baby can only be understood by mothers. The rest may think, ‘what is the purpose of protecting the diaper which, in itself is meant for protection purposes.’ But the truth is, there are many advantages of a baby diaper cover.

In modern times, where washable diapers for babies are in trend now, are available in many attractive colours, prints, styles, and patterns, diaper covers are no less. In fact when you buy one size cloth diapers for your baby, you can also find matching one size diaper covers for them. 

As the name suggests, one size diaper covers are to be worn above cloth diapers to provide it protection, increase its durability, decrease chances of leakage, and to make a fashion statement.

Variety: a baby diaper cover is mainly available in two different styles. First one is one size pull on diaper covers. It slides over the cloth diaper of your baby just like underwear. Second one is one size wrap up diaper covers. It comes with different types of front closures such as hook, loop, Velcro, or pin. One size wrap up diaper covers are better than pull on covers because they have a better fit on your baby due to the presence of adjustable straps in them. 

Function: one size diaper covers are a popular choice amongst mothers due to their ability of providing added protection. Sometimes, a cloth diaper which is not covered may leak, adding the cleaning task upon you or may soak through anything and everything that comes in contact with it. Therefore, by using one size diaper covers you can protect the clothing of the baby as well as of the person holding him. In case if your baby isn’t in anyone’s arms then also a baby diaper cover protects baby carriers, sofas, cots, high chairs and blankets from getting stained and smelled. 

Protection: protecting the baby and his surroundings from getting wet and messy is very crucial for the baby’s health. So why take a chance when you have, what it takes to prevent spilling or leakage of diapers. Also, one size cloth diapers are made of breathable materials which ensures the protection of your baby’s skin.

Durability: Buying a few one size diapers covers means you are covering your child’s diaper cover needs right from the birth through his potty training. Because they are made for this purpose, they ought to have more durability than the others. One size diaper covers are durable for laundering and need not be laundered separately. They can be washed with your baby’s regular clothes without being damaged.

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