Monday, February 27, 2017

Reasons to shift to washable diapers for babies and skeptics’ arguments against them

 This question has been asked and researched over the internet at least a billion times. And here are a few simple and straightforward reasons as to why you should, as a parent, shift to using washable diapers for your babies.
1.Money Saver
Washable diapers for babies are obviously re-usable many, many times. Therefore, by using them you are literally going to save a few thousand dollars. This profound savings is on just the first child. Now if you have more babies, you can use the supply of cloth diapers of one size fits all type you already have and save even more.

Argument 1: The initial cost to buy cloth diapers in wholesale is very high.

Answer: Yes, you may find the initial investment on cloth diapers more than that on the disposable ones. But this is just a one-time investment. It means it is the only investment of yours on your baby’s diapers.

Regardless of your position on environmental issues such as global warming and non-bio degradable pile-ups, it is in everyone’s best interest to have a safe, healthy, and clean environment. By using disposable diapers, all we are doing is adding to the non-bio degradable pile-up and thus ruining the environment.

Washable diapers for babies are made up of bio-degradable materials and are also not required in huge quantity.  This means that we are being eco-friendly, helping our environment.

Argument 2: The laundering of washable diapers for babies requires the use of water and detergents which also have a negative impact on the environment.  Washing diapers requires the use of electricity.
Answer: Yes, this is true. But look at the other side. Disposable diapers use tons of resources for their production which costs a lot of money and requires the cutting of trees. It also adds to ourlandfills, which negatively impacts our environment.

Nowadays, you may find natural based detergents which are in the end good for both, the environment and your baby’s skin. Also, you may air-dry your cloth diapers to cut-down on the electricity usage. Sunshine is good for removing any stains.

3.Baby Friendly
Cloth diapers are made out of natural fibers and thus lets your baby’s skin breathe. It means less rashes on your baby’s bum and reduces the chance of allergic reactions.

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