Thursday, December 1, 2016

How many Diapers per Child?

When people get in to cloth diapering, the most asked question seems to be "how many diapers do I need to cloth diaper full time?" Smarti Pants and most people recommend having 24 diaper on hand per child to last them from birth to potty training. While at first you'll be washing frequently due to a newborn's routine, toddlers can go longer and there's more space in-between changes. 

When I was researching cloth diapering information online, I found this chart and thought it was pretty realistic. Since newborns each on average every 2-3 hour, that also means a diaper change or two every 2-3 hours. You of course want some diapers on hand while all the soiled ones are in the wash, so this is where 24 diapers in total would be an accurate number in my opinion. 

I personally don't go more then three days in-between washes due to smell and other factors, but if you're cloth diapering your first child and hope to have more in the future, building up a big stash now while rotating them equally would be a great option. 

Because I'm expecting our second child in February, I am slowly adding in some new diapers with my favorite brand, Smarti Pants, and taking out the not so great used diapers I've gathered from friends. While our son is part time potty trained, I would like to get to around 40 diapers which could put me still washing every 1-2 days but yet having good quality diapers to prevent messes along the way being the key to success for cloth diapering two! 

Angelina, mom of two boys, 2 and due in February. 

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