Thursday, December 15, 2016

Angelina's Stash: Show and Tell

Even before getting pregnant with my first child I knew I wanted to cloth diaper. My best friend was an avid cloth diaperer and I fell in love with the cuteness, savings, and environmental factor. 

 The moment I found out I was pregnant, I started asking her questions about cloth diapers. She was so helpful and invited me over to go through all her diapers and explain the differences to me. She was done with cloth and gave me a bag full! I bought diapers here and there from friends and companies which slowly built my stash during my pregnancy. 

Now that my son turns 2 this month I have gained quite a few cloth diapers. I've learned my likes and dislikes with them. I'm more of a solid gal. I have some cute prints but I never got into the crazy print haze. Snaps are my go to! I think they're more durable and long lasting. Also my son learned very quickly how easy it was to undo velco diapers! Yikes!

Some brands fit my son better than others. He's always had chunky thighs and is a heavy wetter. Smarti pants has been my favorite brand! I have the most diapers in this brand. They hug my baby's thighs just right, the liners are the perfect absorbance when doubled up at night, and I also love the that there isn't too many snaps to confuse grandma when she baby sits lol. 

I have some used diapers that have blown out elastic from repeated use, or others that just leak and can't do their job, so I'm thrilled that I can build up a stash for baby #2 due in February with my favorite brands I know will do the job right! 

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