Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Diaper Cream and Cloth Diapers

One of the first things new cloth mommas learn is that you cannot use typical diaper creams when using cloth diapers. It is completely logical if you look at the way diaper creams are meant to work. they act as a barrier to keep wetness off the baby's rash, and give it healing time. When this gets on a sposie its no big deal, but when applied to cloth it causes repelling issues. The diaper cream will work on the cloth diaper the same way it works on the baby, and repel wetness preventing the diaper from absorbing and doing it job. What to do for rashes then? There are four options: switch to sposies during the rash, use a liner, cloth diaper safe cream, and my cure all for everything, coconut oil.

Some moms, especially ones who already use sposies part time during day care or at night, simply use traditional methods and keep their baby in sposies until the rash goes away. This is a preferred method if the rash is a yeast rash, because yeast is as tricky as diaper cream to get out of a diaper! The other option while using traditional cream is to use a liner inside your cloth diaper to protect the diaper. Ive heard great things about viva paper towels being laid in the diapers, or you could use a cloth diaper specific liner like the ones from gDiapers.

The third option is to try cloth diaper safe creams. The ones I know about for sure are the ones marketed by cloth diaper companies, or more "natural" companies like California Baby, CJ's Butter, Angel Baby Balm, as well as some smaller WAHM companies. If natural is for you, I like naked baby time (diaper free! woo!) to get air circulating on the rash, as well as coconut oil, my cure all for everything. At the first sign of redness I pull out my jar of coconut oil and apply it with every change, and the redness is usually gone within the day before it turns into a full blown rash.

What do you use to combat rashes with cloth diapers?

Contributed by: Miranda


  1. Is it mandatory to apply cream before putting on the diapers? I thought one doesn't need any cream if he use cloth diapers.

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