Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cloth After Potty Training

If you have kids, you will get to the point where your little one’s will no longer be in diapers! While it may be a sad day, it is also an exciting point in your child’s growth and development. But if you are like me and have a ton of cloth diapers lying around that are no longer being used, what are you to do? I have come up with a few different ideas for you.

Sell - This may seem like one of the most common and profitable ways to go after you are done using your cloth diapers. You can sell many of your used cloth diapers for up to 90% of what you paid based on the condition of the diaper. The condition of the diaper can be dependent on how big your cloth diaper rotation was, how many children you cloth diapered, how often you used cloth diapers, or even what type of cloth diapers you used. There are many different sites that you can sell your used cloth diapers on including: eBay, craigslist, local mom’s group, cloth diaper retailers “used” sections and specialty cloth diaper trader websites. It’s up to you how and where you would like to sell your cloth diapers and is an excellent option if you are looking to recoup some of the money spent on your original cloth diapers!

Inserts can be used for cleaning – Some cloth diapers are in such bad condition that they simply cannot be resold for any value. In this case, the fabrics on some of your cloth diapers would make a great cleaning pad or wipe. I know of people who have used the cloth diaper inserts for scrubbing floors, bathrooms and even windows. This is definitely a viable option if you are looking to stick with the “green” theme that cloth diapers offers.

Donate to Cloth Diaper Charity – If you want to pay it forward to people who are in need of cloth diapers, but are having a hard time affording them, I suggest you research some of the national and local cloth diaper charities. These charities seek to help and educate families about the use of cloth diapers while providing them with their own stash whether it be temporary or permanent. Many families struggle to diaper their babies, but cloth diapers when distributed properly can help out many of these families and babies. Check your local area for charities that may need your donations!

Pay them forward to a Friends or Family – You may not know of any local cloth diaper charities, but I can be sure that many of you probably know a friend or family member who is looking to try out cloth diapers. Maybe they are curious and would like to get started, what a perfect way to help them take the plunge. Passing down cloth diapers to friends or family will help to pay it forward, and hopefully your friend or family member can pay it forward to the next person!

What other ideas do you have for the use of cloth diapers following potty training?

Contributed by: Julie

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