Friday, August 16, 2013

Importance of Newborn Diapers with Small Babies

 I started my newborn stash little by little with AIO, AI2, prefolds, fitteds, and covers. I wanted to have a variety of diapers. Since I wasn’t really sure what I would like on a newborn baby. Newborn babies are so tiny and some have tiny legs. Some one-size diapers do not work well and will cause you a lot of headaches and leaks. The first few days, I found myself reaching for the AIO and AI2 diapers more than my fitteds and prefolds. Reason being was because I couldn’t find a diaper cover that would snuggle his legs without having leaks. His one-size diapers were still too big. 


  What is a mom to do in this situation? 

Consider buying a small stash of newborn diapers or using sized diapers. I took the newborn diaper route and I am so glad I did. I used smartipants and a few other brands that ended up not being my favorite. Nonetheless I recommend buying a newborn cloth diaper stashes since babies are so little and delicate not to mention tiny diapers are just too cute. The sized diapers are also a great alternative, the only thing with that is having to buy diapers as they grow. In my opinion buying newborn diapers and transitioning to one size was great. My son now fits into one-size diapers and he is now 4 months. A word of advice would be to try different types and brands of diapers before settling into one. You may find that the diaper you least thought would work, ends up being your favorite. Cloth diapering a baby can be challenging at times but once you figure out what works best, it’s easy.  

What worked best for you ? 

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