Friday, August 2, 2013

How Diaper Covers Can Save You Big Bucks

Cloth diaper covers can be a real budget saver especially if you are looking to cloth diaper multiple children and your primary goal in cloth diapering is cost savings. Cloth diaper covers provide an inexpensive alternative to pockets, AIO’s and fitted diapers.

Here are some of the main reasons that diaper covers make up the majority of my cloth diaper stash.

• Cloth diaper covers are one of the most inexpensive types of cloth diapers.
• Cloth diaper covers can be used multiple times before laundering. Simply wipe down the inside of the cover and let dry. Once dry, replace with a new insert and re-apply to baby.
• Many cloth diaper covers are available with double gussets to help keep the poop in the diaper.
• Cloth diaper covers can be used with different types of inserts, for instance: stay dry, prefolds, flats, or even over fitteds.
• Cloth diaper covers come in many different fabrics: PUL, TPU, fleece, and even wool.
• Cloth diaper covers are available in aplix or snaps.
• Many cloth diaper covers are available in the “one size” option which allows for small, medium, and large settings. Therefore it grows with your child. No need to purchase different sizes as your child grows.

The next time you think that cloth diaper covers might be too difficult to try or too expensive, why not pick up a few to try. Cloth diaper covers can be used with almost any type of insert or fabric making them very versatile. For those hot summer months, fleece or wool cloth diaper covers actually allow your baby’s bum to breathe and stay cooler.

Next time you are tempted to purchase a cloth diaper, (because we all know you will) make it a cloth diaper cover. You won’t be sorry you spent the little amount of money for the great versatility.

Are you a cloth diaper cover fan?

If so, why??

Contributed by: Julie

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