Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cloth Diaper Safe Detergents

One of the most popular questions we get here at Smartipants is "What kind of detergent should I use?"
The answer depends on several factors such as your water type, whether your baby has any allergies or sensitivities and your own preferences.
We prefer clean rinsing detergents, the use of hot water and hanging to dry whenever possible to prolong the life of the diapers and get them as clean as possible.
There are many detergents that are not safe for cloth and you can find that list here https://www.smartipants.com/faq#6There are others that we can recommend as safe to use with cloth diapers and you can see those here http://www.youtube.com/thesmartipants#p/a/u/1/IDb3CSsdZoM
Whichever you choose remember that it is important to choose the brand that works best for you and to avoid whiteners, brighteners, and softeners. Also avoid natural soaps as they will leave a film on your diapers.


  1. *Off Topic* Has the new "wild raspberry" color already been discontinued??? If so, I am *extremely* disappointed!! I've been planning to make a purchase (no rush, as I'm still pregnant) and this was one of my favorite colors!!! Are there any other colors that will be unexpectedly discontinued in the near future?

  2. Hi Sara, no the color was much more pink than raspberry so it's the same color but it has been changed to bubblegum pink. We simply changed the name to more accurately reflect the color of the diaper in real life :)

  3. Thank you for the reply! That's very helpful to know. Thanks! :-)

  4. We for a family have definitely liked having cloth diapers. We like the reality that we can save money on throw away diapers yet still not litter up the landfill an excessive amount of. Thanks so much for this post it had been a breath of fresh air.

  5. I don't know what you think about Allen's naturally and Charlies' Soap but those are the two that we used for over two years with our son and never had to strip them. Always dried them on the line. Thanks for the tips on Rockngreen because I've been wanting to try them. I personally concerned about needing to strip diapers if I used the locally available ones. Thanks so much for letting me know about them though ~ especially the Arm and Hammer