Monday, March 21, 2011

All New Video Tutorial Series from Smartipants

Hi Everyone,
We are releasing a set of video tutorials showing you how easy cloth diapering really is!
There are 3 videos currently available:
How to Snap the Small Setting on Smartipants
How to Make your own Wipes Solution
How to use our Smartfit One-size Diaper Cover
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Coming Soon:
Detergents: A review of 5 recommended detergents for use with cloth diapers
Newborn Diapering: How-to featuring the Little Smart AIO and Preemie Prefolds with the Smart Fit Diaper Cover
Diaper Ointments: A discussion on rashes, treatments and cloth diaper safe ointments and creams
Diaper Laundry 101: the entire cloth diapering washing process
Stain Removal: How-to remove stains in cloth diapers and covers
Cloth Diaper Leaks: A Discussion on leaks, the possible causes and their solutions with a diaper fit demonstration

We will be working on these and more. Please let us know if there is anything you'd like to "see."
We are also planning a second series on natural parenting to include making your own baby food how-to including a discussion on organics,
frugal parenting tips that include making your own playthings for toddlers such as play dough and bubbles, pottylearning and more.


  1. These tutorials are great!! I am excited to see all of the other ones when they are posted. My favorite is the tutorial on the Smart Fit Diaper Cover. I am sold and hope to purchase some asap!! :) Keep up the great work!!

  2. Awesome video tutorials! Awesome Diapers! Looking forward to the other videos!
    p.s. The new colors ROCK!