Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fun in the Sun with your Baby, Toddler or Preschooler

So many ways to have fun in the sun with your baby, toddler or preschooler! Comment and tell us how you play outdoors with your family!

1.Show them the magic of shadows!
2. make chalk drawings on the sidewalk or
3. “paint” with water
4. roll, toss or kick a ball around
5. count flowers in your yard or go on a flower hunt
6. play hopscotch
7. blow bubbles
8. play tag
9. enjoy popsicles or for more fun make your own!
10. dig in a sand box
11. ride trikes and bikes
12. swing together
13. play in the local park
14. pick dandelions and make wishes
15. pack a picnic and take it anywhere- even the back yard
16. make your own root beer floats
17. wear fun hats or visors
18. lie down and watch the clouds
19. visit the beach
20. fly a kite
21. play tic tac toe in the dirt with a stick
22. play marbles (use pebbles)
23. collect pebbles, notice their colors
24. jump rope or hula hoop
25. dance to music
26. sing out loud
27. lay in a hammock
28. play “red light, green light”
29. do jumping jacks
30. play “Simon Says”
31. try to catch bugs, admire them, release
32. trace each other’s shadow on the ground
33. plant seeds, nurture them, watch them grow
34. jump in puddles – SPLASH
35. read together in a shady spot
36. go for a nature walk
37. find a local trail to hike
38. play “ I –spy”
39. make a sheet tent over a clothesline
40. camp in your own back yard
41. talk about colors and search for as many as you can find
42. get a FREE library card – USE it!
43. skip together
44. take a walk
45. play hide and seek
46. crawl around on your lawn – be a horse or a dog!
47. Splash in buckets of water
48. play with squirt guns
49. Build sand castles
50. chase but don’t catch butterflies or lightening bugs
51. find earthworms, put them in a garden
52. visit a state park
53. play leap frog

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