Thursday, June 17, 2010

Benefits of Reusable Diapers

There is a lot of information out there on the pros and cons of cloth diapering today. I’d like to talk to you about the benefits I’ve experienced over the last decade in cloth diapering my own 4 children. For our family, we originally considered and eventually chose reusable diapers for the money savings. We just couldn’t justify as a young family paying thousands of dollars for diapers if there was a cheaper alternative. We originally started with old fashioned prefolds, diaper pins and waterproof pants to cover them. We had started our first baby in disposables and as soon as I discovered that we could cloth diaper him we really had no choice. I simply could not afford to continue to buy diapers that would be thrown away in the trash.
After cloth diapering with the prefolds and upon learning we were expecting baby # 2 I decided to learn to sew so we could have some Velcro style fitted diapers in cute fabrics. So I made lots of tiny diapers for the new baby and learned more and more about the other benefits of reusable diapers. I knew I wanted to continue cloth diapering with my children even if the cost of disposables wasn’t the issue any longer. It still seemed silly to waste money so that was still a big benefit, but I became interested in the environmental impact of my choices as well. There are studies that I consider very outdated at this point but they are out there and they state that the impact of disposable diapers may not be much more than that of reusable diapers. I disagree with that because it doesn’t take modern reusable diapers into consideration and the fact that they are actually energy efficient to launder these days using less water and detergent and less or no time in the dryer. For our family as we grew and especially now that I have 4 children the amount of waste we generate in our household is a big concern. We always seek ways to lessen the amount of trash we produce. We find ways to recycle more and more and reusable products is a big way to reduce waste. This factor alone builds a strong case for reusable diapers. Every child in disposables produces 1 cubic ton of non-biodegradable waste. That is a lot of waste. For the average family with 2 children that is 2 cubic tons of waste. To reduce that to zero is a major difference.
I also love the benefits to my babies. With the introduction of modern fabrics that wick moisture away from baby’s delicate skin and helps to keep them dry and rash free, we personally saw our babies benefit. We had almost no rashes ever and no need for constant application of creams and ointments. I really felt good about using a product I knew was safe and healthy for my babies and especially that it lacked the chemicals found in disposables. I wasn’t sure if those chemicals were truly safe or not but being able to avoid them completely felt like a great choice for our family.
So those were the reasons I chose and continued choosing reusable diapers over the last 10 years. I felt so strongly that it was a great option for our family that I went as far as to make getting reusable diapers to the lowest price and the easiest to use style a career so I could share this wonderful choice with other families. There are great modern reusable diapers available today and I encourage anyone who would be interested in cloth diapering to check it out!
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