Monday, July 6, 2015

5 COOL Things About Cloth Diapering in the Summertime

Summer is officially here! So, what does summer mean for cloth diapering? Does it

change what you do and how you use your cloth diapers and accessories? It sure

does for me. Here are 5 COOL things about cloth diapering and summertime:


Those pesky stains that built up on your diapers over the winter are a thing of the

past now that summer and sunshine are here. If you’re not already line drying your

diapers, now is the time to get started. Not only will you extend the life of your cloth

diaper elastics and PUL, drying outside in the sun will remove stains without using

harsh chemicals – your diapers will look as good as new by the end of the summer!


Cloth swim diapers are great, but not a necessity. If you have an old pocket diaper

that’s not a favorite or has deteriorating PUL, you can breathe new life into it by

using it as a swim diaper. The function of swim diapers is to keep solids contained,

and an old pocket diaper or cover can easily do the job.


I can’t tell you how many times I was glad to have moistened cloth wipes on hand

for use other than wiping my little one’s bum. I’ve used my wipes to clean up a

messy table at a restaurant, and more importantly, give my son and myself a nice,

cool wipe down on a hot day. Pack extra wipes for your outings and you’ll be

amazed how handy they come in!


You’ll get your money’s worth out of your wet bags over the summer, to be sure!

The remainder of the year you use your wet bags for on-the-go diaper changes and

travel, but summertime kicks wet bag use into high gear. The entire family can make

great use of wet bags after spending time at the pool or beach, allowing you to pack

all of your wet suits and towels (and keep everything else dry). I also find wet bags a

huge help while potty training because accidents are bound to happen.


Perhaps one of my summertime favorites – wool comes in incredibly handy over the

summer. While many people assume wool will be super hot and scratchy, wool

soakers actually breathe more than PUL diaper covers, allowing your little one to

stay cool all summer long. I used wool at nighttime with my son, and then full time

in the summer (no need for overheated “bits”).


Warm weather is also a great excuse to show off all of those adorable cloth diaper

prints you’ve been covering throughout the winter. If you collect cool prints,

summer is the time to show them off. You never know, you may just convert another

person to cloth by putting them on show!

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